Gaming Tech: Computer Remote Access Tools for Gaming

Torn between streaming and playing a game?

With Twitch getting a lot of attention this year, streaming and gaming are becoming a big focus for younger generations. Technology is now furthering its capacity to improve gaming with remote access tools. You get to enjoy remote access for gaming anywhere and on whatever device.

Here are some of the best remote access tools you can use while you game:


This tool allows users to stream and run a game on one device while playing the game on another device.

What Makes Parsec Great

Parsec runs on 60 FPS under Ultra High Definition. It also allows you to play any of your games from any device without latency and lag.

Parsec also allows you to connect with a friend. All you have to do is share a link. Then, connect your controller and start playing with a companion no matter where you are.

You also won’t have to worry about distance when using Parsec. It has Discord integration, allowing you to use the features of Discord while you game.

You won’t get bored with this remote access tool as it allows you to access the Parsec Arcade. This is where you get to select from an array of new games and have fun with players around the world. Enjoy your games on a tablet, Mac, laptop, phone, or PC.

What’s more, Parsec also allows you to customize your game. It has gamepad support, keyboard mapping, and advanced settings that you can use.

How to Use Parsec

Start using Parsec by downloading the tool and creating an account. Launch the game on your PC and have your friends connect with the session if you want to host a game. Approve your friend’s request, share your screen, and start streaming.

Parsec assigns gamepad controls to players so they can’t interfere with other tabs. If you want to change this, click on the player profile and adjust the permission.


Upswift is the best port forwarding for gaming tools to use if you’re using a Raspberry Pi or Linux device. This tool will forward your Raspberry Pi’s or Linux device’s port for you.

Upswift remote access tool allows you to forward ports in two easy steps. Select the desired device and port you want to forward.

Upswift will provide you with a dedicated URL address and port domain. This is what you’ll use to access your device as you like.

With Upswift, you can use VNC port forwarding clients to connect to your Raspberry Pi desktop. All you have to do is use the dedicated URL and port to establish a connection. Afterward, copy-paste the URL into the CNV Viewer’s address bar and hit the enter key.

Using the Remote Access Tool removes the need for Dynamic DNS. It also doesn’t require IP address remembering configuration on your router. This makes Upswift safer and easier to use for industries.

The system is also designed to make sure that you alone can access your generated URL. This ensures protection from cyber attackers looking to exploit open ports. You can also use this tool to host private chats, game servers, and IoT servers like PiHole DNS.

Steam Link

Did you know that Steam Link allows you to stream games on your PC to any TV in your home? Enjoy your game in high definition with its 1080 to 4k resolution at 60-120 frames per second.

Steam Link is free and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple, and Android devices. With an array of compatible devices, Steam Link is a perfect tool for remote access for gaming.

With Steam Link, extra players can join, allowing you to have fun with up to four of your friends. As long as you, your friends, and all devices have Steam, you can connect with this remote access tool. To get the best performance, connect to 5G or a wired Ethernet connection.

How to Use Steam Link

One great thing about Steam Link is that it only takes two steps to get started. First, install Stream Link, connect your PC, and start playing!

Join a game using your mobile device by opening the Steam Chat mobile app and accept the invitation sent to you. By logging into Steam on both devices, you get to play on another PC.


Moonlight is compatible with Android, Apple TV, ChromeOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and more. As you can see games and streams on your screen, you can also stream it with Moonlight.

With a resolution of up to 4K and a frame per second of up to 120, you’ll be able to enjoy your game! You can communicate with other players as it supports a 5.1 audio pass-through.

If you want to have the lowest latency possible, Moonlight allows you to disable V-Sync. You can also host your gaming server on many residential ISPs by installing it on your gaming PC.

Download and install the Moonlight app on your device. After installing, open the app, and it should detect your Game Stream. To pair Moonlight with your gaming PC, select your PC in the list and click on the “pair” button.


Rainway will allow you to run games on your PC while playing them on other devices. With a strong internet connection, you can multitask as much as you want. Rainway also has a very active support system in the Discord server.

Updates on Rainway have also made the processing of full HD streams last shorter than before. Rainway can scale to any resolution without changing the desktop resolution.

Rainway is also user-friendly, especially for iOs devices. By holding your device near Rainway Dashboard, you’ll connect to your game library.

Try These Remote Access Tools Now!

Now you’ve garnered enough information on the best remote access tools! Take a step further by installing one right now and start streaming while playing!

Do you want to know more about remote access tools or streaming? Go ahead and read more of our articles for more helpful tips and information.

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