MediaTek & Tessolve to accelerate development of Edge-AI Enabled Smart Device Eco-system

NANO SoM & evaluation board powered by MediaTek i500 powers portable, home, & commercial IoT applications

MediaTek announces its collaboration with Tessolve to accelerate the development of an Edge-AI Enabled Smart Device Eco-system. Tessolve launched the MAGIK2 family nano System on module (SoM) & evaluation board powered by MediaTek i500 to power Next-gen AI Smart Devices with high-performance edge processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, multiple high-resolution cameras, AI-enabled kiosks (advertising signage platforms), connected touchscreen displays, and multitasking OS.

“MediaTek is an industry leader in developing powerful, highly integrated and efficient system-on-chip products. We are enabling the future of AI, by creating an ecosystem of Edge-AI hardware processing paired with comprehensive software tools across our product range, including smartphones, smart homes, wearables, IoT and connected cars. Our collaboration with Tessolve will power advanced AI-enabled devices and premium experiences, along-with reducing development costs and accelerating the time to market,” said Raghavan Sampath, Director – Business Development, MediaTek.

Tessolve SoM also supports the common SDK software from BayLibre, MediaTek’s software scaling partner. This single SDK across all AIoT Hardware platforms accelerates time to market for customers and comes with a long term support.

“As part of Tessolve’s strategy to provide value add solutions to our customers, we aligned with MediaTek to develop a System on Module to address the growing needs in building AI-enabled edge computing system solutions. The collaboration will enable the roll-out of production-ready AIoT hardware and Android software to help customers reduce their product development cycle time from design to manufacturing of portable, home and commercial IoT applications.” said Sunil Walia, SVP of Sales & Marketing, Tessolve.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance at a rapid pace, re-shaping the technology people use in their homes, workplaces and cities, bringing new experiences and changing the way they interact. The future of AI-enhanced device deployment is big and MediaTek is meeting the Edge AI challenge head-on with MediaTek NeuroPilot. Through heterogeneous computing capabilities such as CPUs, GPUs and APUs (AI processing units) embedded into MediaTek’s system-on-chip products, the company is providing high performance and power efficiency for AI features and applications.

About i500 AIoT Platform

The i500 is a powerful edge-processing AIoT platform with an integrated AI processor that integrates quad-core Arm Cortex-A73 and quad-core Cortex-A53 processors, equipped with NEON engines, featuring a large 1 MB L2 cache and with operating frequencies up to 2GHz. An extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals, plus flexible storage and memory options give product designers freedom to customize and innovate, while Arm TrustZone security enables the creation of secure devices. The i500 platform supports hardware-accelerated Full HD multimedia encoding/decoding and makes it ideal for applications like streaming audio or video services.