Blaize Powers New “AI as a Service” Edge Platform from Minds Lab for S. Korea & Global Markets

Blaize announced that Minds Lab of Seongnam, S. Korea has extended its “AI as a service (AlaaS)” cloud service to the Edge running on Blaize Xplorer X1600P PCIe accelerator platform and utilizing the Blaize AI Software Suite. The Maum Edge AI Platform combines Edge AI Devices and Maum AI Cloud to improve and expand services with greater usability and expandability. Minds Lab is using Blaize initially for its “Edge AI Road,” “Edge AI Street” and “Edge AI Home” services, all of which are AI-based CCTV enabled.

The artificial intelligence CCTV applied with Minds Lab’s Edge AI is highly effective in monitoring objects and analyzing data efficiently and quickly,” said Dr. Hoon Paek, CTO, Minds Lab. “Based on the Blaize edge AI hardware, we plan to combine Minds Lab’s unique AI technology to provide full-scale services to the Edge AI service platform market in Korea, the US and abroad.”

The service at the edge is an example of how Blaize hardware and software products deliver the right balance of performance with low power, low latency, and programmability to enable compute for breakthrough productization of AI applications at the edge,” said Dinakar Munagala, CEO, Blaize. “Combined with the Minds Lab innovations, end users can access the power of affordable AI to enhance safety, security and convenience.”

Breakthrough in AI As A Service at the Edge

The Edge AI Road application provides traffic surveillance such as car and license plate detection and speed and lane infringements. Edge AI Street provides sidewalk and close to home surveillance concerning pedestrian traffic and unusual behaviors (such as break-ins) and Edge AI Home provides monitoring of various activities in public and private interior spaces.

The platform enables customers to download AI applications just like one would download an app for a mobile phone. Customers download an application from the Minds Lab AI cloud and install it on a network. They then register, activate, and adjust settings to perform various analytics via the Minds Lab cloud-based and real-time interface.

Minds Lab is recognized for its AI technology solutions built on Blaize edge AI hardware, such as the Suwon City’s CCTV video data construction business solution that immediately informs controllers when abnormal behavior such as assault or theft is detected. In particular, the Minds Lab AI-enabled CCTV service in Suwon City met strict performance verification through the Korea Data Agency (KISA) in recognizing the behavior of wandering, intrusion, and collapse.

Blaize Leadership Focus on Systems & Energy Efficiency, Low latency, Flexibility

The Blaize embedded and accelerator platforms are built on the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture designed for the demands of edge computing. The Blaize Xplorer platforms accelerate AI applications at the edge of the enterprise via easy plug-in to the PCIe slot in a host server or appliance. The Blaize AI Software Suite comprised of Blaize Picasso and the AI Studio product lead the industry with open standards and ease of accessibility reducing the time to get edge applications into production from months to days.