CUI Devices’ The Complete Guide to Thermal Management eBook

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group announced the release of a free, comprehensive ebook on the topic of thermal management. As an almost inescapable factor in electronic design, managing heat is often an afterthought during the design phase. With this free-to-download ebook titled, The Complete Guide to Thermal Management, engineers will gain a better understanding of the fundamental principles of heat transfer and how to manage heat early on.

The ebook begins by looking at the various modes of heat transfer and the most common types of cooling devices used in thermal management. It then delves into dedicated sections on fan selection and control features, specifying a heat sink, and operating principles of Peltier modules. The ebook also includes links to helpful online calculation tools, a glossary of thermal management related terms, and an overview of CUI Devices’ thermal management solutions.

To get a free copy of this comprehensive thermal management guide, please visit:

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