Mouser & TE Connectivity partnered to create a new content platform

New Mouser Hub highlights newest Articles, Videos & Product Releases from TE Connectivity

Mouser Electronics and TE Connectivity have partnered to create a new content platform devoted to TE’s newest resources, products, and technical insights. Engineers and designers can find the platform by visiting

The new site from Mouser and TE offers a comprehensive, continually updated archive of infographics, videos, and technical articles, providing valuable insights into some of the most challenging aspects of connected automobile and smart home design. The platform is launching with more than 50 pieces of content, covering technologies including antennas, sensors, Internet of Things devices, and medical solutions. Each article include links to relevant TE products, connecting usable information from industry experts to the technologies and solutions needed to support each application.

With over 69,000 TE products, Mouser offers an ever-broadening selection of the newest TE interconnect, passive, and sensor solutions, constantly adding new products. For example, Mouser stocks TE’s FAKRA automotive connector system, which is based on FAKRA RF and USCAR standards requirements and includes RF cable assemblies, terminals, and housings. The AmbiMate sensor module MS4 series boards offer a set of four core sensors — motion, light, temperature, and humidity — with optional sensors for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sound, and CO2. The modules enable easy integration into a host product for applications such as indoor lighting, air quality, building automation, and energy management applications.

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