What Are Some of the Best iPad Accessories?

Your iPad is an unstoppable force. Newer models have tech that can rival most laptops, making them ideal for work, creative projects, and much more.

Still, even the most powerful machine needs a little help now and again. You can’t draw with your finger, after all. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Having a wall mount will make it simple to use your tablet to control smart devices around your home. These are only a few of the best iPad accessories that you should be looking around for.

There are a wealth of cases, stands, and other objects you can buy for your device. Check out this guide to learn what you need to pick up.

Apple Pencil

If you can only pick up one of the accessories for iPads on this list, make it the Apple Pencil. This is especially true if you’re a writer or artist. It has an impeccable response time, making it the best pen for tablets anywhere.

If you want to draw thicker lines or shade in areas, you only have to bear down a little harder as you glide the pencil across the screen. When you mess up and want to erase your markings, you can double-tap the pen to change it over to the right tool for the job.

No matter what model iPad you have, it can support this helpful device, with a few drawbacks. If you have the first-generation pencil, there’s no place where you can store it on the tablet.

The only way you can charge it is to take off the cap and plug it into the device. This issue is solved with the second generation. You can attach it to the side of the device to store and charge it.

We will warn you that like most Apple accessories, this pencil comes with a price tag. If you’re a little strapped for cash, we recommend picking up the Logitech Crayon. It has a ton of great features and won’t hurt your wallet quite as much.

Sketching Surface

Buying an iPad that’s a little over 12 inches is ideal for drawing. You can balance it on your lap and scribble away without a problem. It’s a little harder to accomplish this on the smaller models.

Not without a little help, anyway. That’s why sketching surfaces exist. Inserting your tablet into one of these devices will give you a little bit more surface area to work with.

Most of them come with legs that you can use to prop your device up on a desk. If you want to draw on your bed or couch, you’ll be able to do that too.

Most of them even have a place to store your stylus. It’s the perfect solution to having no place to put your Apple Pencil on an older generation iPad.

Pillow Stand

When you buy a stand for your tablet, there’s a good chance that you’ll only be able to use it on a desk. The legs won’t be able to keep it stable on anything that’s not a hard surface.

This is no good for evenings when you only want to sit around in your PJs and relax. That’s where buying a pillow stand comes in handy.

It’s a little wider, so it won’t fall over when you put it on your bed. You’ll be able to lay down and watch TV or draw in complete comfort. It has a place to put your stylus too.

Keyboard and TrackPad

Using an iPad as a laptop is impossible unless you have a keyboard and trackpad. If you want the real laptop experience, you’ll need to find one that’s a little more on the sturdy side.

If it’s too flimsy you’ll only be able to use it on a hard surface. We will tell you that the keyboard trackpad combos are a little expensive.

You might be able to save a bit of money by getting one that only acts as a keyboard and picking up a high-quality mouse to go with it.

Wall Mount

Do you have an entire smart house set up? You can control your various devices using your tablet. If you get a wall mount, it will make this much easier.

They’re simple to install, and they’ll allow you to use your tablet hands-free. It’s perfect for turning on the lights and checking out your smart security system when someone knocks on the door.

Apple AirTags

We’re all guilty of misplacing things from time to time. Your iPad is one thing that you can’t afford to lose. For real, have you seen the price of those things?

With Apple AirTags, you don’t have to panic when you can’t find your device. Slip one in the same bag that you carry your tablet around in.

It works with both the Cloud and the Find My app. This means if you have other Apple products you can use them to find your tablet.

Even if you don’t have any other Apple products, the AirTags are still cool iPad accessories. They’ll emit a noise that you can follow right to your bag. They can also send alerts to other iPad users in your vicinity, so you’ll have other people looking for your device as well.

The Best iPad Accessories to Add to Your Shopping Cart

iPads are powerful machines that can accomplish amazing feats. That doesn’t mean that they can’t do without a little help, though. Picking up one of the best iPad accessories on the market will make using your device that much easier.

Add some of these amazing items to your cart today and start making the most out of your tablet.

Having the right accessories isn’t the only way to upgrade your iPad experience. Check out our blog to learn more ways to use your tech.