How To Write A Photo Release Form For My Cleaning Business?

If you are running a cleaning business then you would certainly need to use photographs that show the condition of the house before and after. Since you are using the photographs commercially, you would need to get appropriate permission from the owner. 

You can use a photo release form to get the permission that you require to avoid further troubles down the road. You can directly navigate here for a simple photo release form that you can use for your cleaning business. We would discuss how a photo release form can help your business stay away from legal complications. 

Part 1: Knowing About Photo Release Form

A photo release form is unambiguous and clearly dictates the term of use of the photo. The agreement happens between the owner of the photograph, which can be a person or a business, and the client who wants to use the photo. 

The photograph can be used commercially or for personal use by the buyer for the period of time that is mentioned in the agreement. The payment, benefits, or royalties, that the owner would enjoy in exchange for allowing the use of photographs would also be mentioned in the agreement. 

Part 2: What are the various types of photo release forms?

There are different kinds of photo release forms and knowing about them helps you understand which one you might need for your cleaning business.

2.1 Model Release Form

A model release form is an agreement that happens between the model and the photographer. The agreement allows the photographer to use the photograph for any commercial purpose or for enhancing portfolio. The photographer completely owns the photograph in this scenario as he can also license it to other stock photography websites. 

 2.2 Print Release Form

As the name indicates the details of how a photograph would be printed and to what capacity the client can use the printed photograph are mentioned in this agreement. This happens between the owner of the photograph and an agency or even an individual. A print release form can be done for multiple images as well as specified by the contract. 

2.3 Photo Release Form

A basic photo release form is signed between a client and the model. It contains the details of the use of the photographs. It also confirms the final ownership of the photograph. The prices or other benefits that the model would enjoy after selling the photographs are also part of the contract. 

Part 3: What Should a Photo Release Form Contain?

There are some common elements that should be included in a photo release form. 

3.1 Identity 

The model, clients, and any other parties involved should be named in the agreement along with their roles in the contract. 

3.2 Details of The Photograph

A standard photo release form must contain an accurate description of the photograph. The content of the photograph should be written clearly in the contract. 

3.3 Duration 

The time should also be mentioned for the client to use the photograph. In many cases, the client can have ownership of the photograph for a lifetime. 

3.4 Ownership

The photo release form would clearly state who the final owner of the photograph would be. In case the photograph is licensed to the client then it should also describe the terms of conditions of the license. 

The details and the limit of licensing should be explicitly mentioned in the agreement to avoid further complications in the future. 

Part 4: What Can You Use To Shorten The Process?

One of the most useful tools that you can use to make this complex process of drafting a photo release form simple is CocoSign. Cocosign is a very popular website that you can use for free to download different kinds of agreement templates. 

You can also download the CocoSign app from Appstore or Google Playstore and create an account to enjoy the benefits of this tool. You can easily download a template for a photo release form using the app or from the website. 

You can then choose to make necessary changes in the form and then print it out for signing. You can use the app to add more members who can view and sign the form if you want to store the agreement digitally for future use.  

Part 5: What Benefits does CocoSign Offer?

Other than being completely free, you can enjoy other benefits when you sign up for a CocoSign account. 

5.1 Foolproof Security

CocoSign is a very secure website and when you are storing sensitive agreements in their database, you would need exactly that. CocoSign uses all the latest technology to make sure its databases and systems are secure from any malicious attack. 

5.2 Easy To Share

You can easily share the agreement with other involved parties using CocoSign. They can also register in the system for free and using nothing but your mobile phone you can edit and sign the documents. 

5.3 More Control

With CocoSign you get more control when you are creating a photo release agreement. You can even set the sequence of signatures of the involved parties. The most commonly used formats are series and parallel signatures. 

You can also check who has signed the agreement and who is remaining using the app. It is very easy to do all this even when you are on the go using your mobile phone. 

5.4 Safety

We already mentioned how secure CocoSign is which makes it a perfect vault to store your agreements digitally. You can access them anytime from anywhere just by logging into your account. 


You need to create a photo release form if you are running a cleaning business to save yourself from all future legal complications. It can be a complicated process but by using CocoSign you can make this overwhelming process really easy. Make sure you add all the essential details in the photo release form before you send it to other involved members.