A Quick Guide to Create Videos for Social Media

Social media marketing is a tool that you can easily perfect with the right set of strategies. So, if you’re planning to create videos for social media, you need to understand the algorithms and create video content that’s relatable and awe-inspiring. You can also learn more about video-editing tools like a free video maker to enhance your content.

Now, there are a few sure-shot methods to help you achieve success. If you’re a beginner, we suggest that you read this guide on how you can create impactful videos for social media. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Step 1: Do Your Research

Before you start creating content for social media, put on your thinking caps and start researching. 

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook work with the help of algorithms. These algorithms decide what the users see on their profiles. Hence, as a creator, you have to find out what’s trending and what isn’t in the video industry. Apart from that, you can also check out your competitors’ posts and where they rank. This way you will know what you can do better during the video production stages. It may be that you decide to opt for professional video production jacksonville (or wherever you are) and outsource to a professional company in your area. 

It’s also necessary to research the important topics surrounding your field. If you’re planning to get a kickstart, try to search more about the topics that people get attracted to. However, don’t limit your creativity as netizens today want fresh content more than anything!

Step 2: Develop your Content 

Once you have brainstormed the ideas for your video, you need to prepare the content accordingly. You can do it by yourself or you can get help from a Digital Content Agency in Sydney or wherever you are, to get your content prepared

Now, before you start creating or jotting down the video’s script, keep in mind the audience. You need to make sure that your content is short, straightforward, and intriguing. After all, there are many video creators, and you need to stand out. Also, bear in mind some points: 

  • Have a strategy about how many videos do you want to upload weekly or monthly.
  • Keep the initial content interesting. It should make the viewer want to watch your video more. 
  • Weave your videos in the form of a story to keep the viewers going. 
  • Don’t get too promotional if you’re selling any products or services.
  • Find the right video-making tools; a free video maker is worth considering if you’re new to video editing. 

Always remember that people use social media to freshen up their minds so give them something worth their time!

Step 3:  Create the Video

After you’re done creating a video script, it’s time to move onto the implementation. Now, if you’re creating videos for social media, you need to ensure that you offer the best video quality and clarity. You can use your phone if you’re a beginner. However, we suggest investing in a tripod. It can help in filming stable videos to attract more viewers!

For audio, try speaking directly in your phone’s microphone to get a clear recording. But, if you have the budget, you can buy a microphone well-suited for recording purposes. 

As for brands trying to market their products and services, there are various options for creating video content. For instance, you can create specific types of videos like:

  • How-to videos 
  • Meet-the-team videos
  • Product announcement videos
  • Feedback videos 
  • Turn your website’s famous blog posts into video format

There’s also no need to film or create your videos using complex tools. Customized templates from a free video maker might be just enough for you to create excellent videos.

Step 4: Focus On Editing

Editing has become a crucial part of video creation on social media. Now, it isn’t always about extensive photoshopping or fancy stickers. It’s also about finding the right video orientation, size, adding captions, and working on the lighting.

Video Orientation:

So, first of all, whenever you’re creating videos for social media, you need to find the right orientation. It’s because every site has its specific orientation. For example:

  • Youtube content should be in landscape (16:9) orientation.
  • For Facebook and Instagram posts, square orientation (1:1) and vertical (4:5) are suitable.
  • Full vertical (9:16) orientation works best for Instagram stories.

Hence, you need to edit your video according to the above-mentioned orientations.


Most users don’t turn on their sound whenever there’s a video on social media. Hence, you need to ensure that you don’t fully rely on your audio components. Instead, you need to add captions and appealing visuals to your videos to make sure you get the message through even without sound. There are several editing tools that automatically add captions such as:

  • Amara
  • Subtitle
  • Wave
  • Quicc

You can try them out and see which one suits your requirements.

Filters and Editing  Make Use of a Free Video Maker:

Do you feel like your videos could use some color? Do you think adding stickers and additional visuals can make your videos more descriptive? Well, then try to focus on adding the necessary filters.

You don’t really need a paid professional software for this, as a free video maker may also offer a lot of editing options to choose from. For instance, they contain filters to enhance the image colors. You can also resize, increase/decrease brightness, etc. to make your videos stand out more.

Step 5: Share and Promote Your Video Content

Once you’re done creating and editing your video content, the final step is to upload it. You get a variety of platforms from which you can choose.

The biggest mistake most video creators often commit is not uploading their content on several platforms. It’s because when they promote their content on only one website, they’re limiting their audience reach. So, try to upload on at least two to three platforms. Even if you’re using a free video maker, you can still make changes to optimize the videos as per the platform to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

Social media is definitely a goldmine for content creators. After all, there are over four billion people waiting to see your content from different parts of the world!

Moreover, social media also offers several features to promote your content. So, we suggest following our step-by-step guide to creating videos that rock the social platforms!