LUNA Airdrops: How to Earn More Coins on Terra

How to Earn More Coins on Terra platform

Staking LUNA is becoming very popular on the Terra platform because it yields excellent returns at the end of the locking period. Once you are in the ecosystem, you can purchase the LUNA tokens and lock them under specific terms. This is also described as providing liquidity pools for Terra smart contracts and projects.

But even as you stake LUNA, the platform allows you to participate in LUNA airdrops every week. You can unlock the opportunity to redeem your airdrop on different Terra apps such as the Mirror Finance app, KuCoin app (read this in-depth KuCoin review to find out more about this exchange), Terra Station app, Loop Finance website, and many others. The good thing is that Terra works with numerous crypto service providers to offer their services to users.

More About Airdrops Like LUNA Airdrops

Airdrops are initiatives by a cryptocurrency to raise awareness about its coin by sending a fraction of the crypto to new users. It could also come in the form of redeemable tokens for those who have engaged in services such as staking Terra LUNA.

According to reliable sources, the tokens to redeem are directly proportional to the LUNA you have staked in that week. However, it is not set in stone that you can only enjoy LUNA airdrops after a week; it could be earlier.

Types of LUNA Airdrops to Enjoy

Terra is a dynamic platform, and you are likely to come across it on many other platforms. If you are interested, you can enjoy LUNA airdrops on several popular platforms. Here are some of them.

·       Terra Station – Of course, the Terra Station is the first place to enjoy LUNA airdrops. Before they were rolled out on other platforms, they were already here. As an investor, you need to stake LUNA to unlock the airdrop projects. According to the website, investors who stake more get more LUNA airdrops every week. All you need is to click unlock, and you will have the tokens in your account immediately.

·       Loop Finance – Terra is now working with Loop Finance to provide its services. As soon as you register on the Terra platform through this crypto marketplace, you will get access to LUNA staking opportunities, and thereafter, start unlocking your LUNA airdrops regularly. This has been a successful campaign strategy on all platforms.

·       KuCoin – LUNA airdrops are also available on this platform. If you are already using this popular exchange and are eager to try Terra, there is no need to go elsewhere. Just navigate to the Terra tab, register, start staking, and enjoy regular airdrops. Once you unlock the tokens, they will be deposited into your account. Just like with other platforms, this strategy has been very successful in promoting Terra LUNA.

·       Binance – If you visit the Binance platform and navigate to the markets tab, you will see LUNA on the list. As you stake, trade, or transact, you open opportunities for LUNA airdrops. Since Binance is a large platform, you are likely to enjoy the rewards of investing here.


LUNA airdrops are available on many platforms because the coin is becoming popular. If you are new to it, now you know where to start. One important thing to know is that you need to invest and stake to redeem the airdrop projects. However, it is very simple.