“Renesas Ready Partner Network” Delivers Building Blocks For RA, RX and RL78 MCU Lines

Renesas Electronics Corporation rolled out a global network of technology partners that deliver commercial grade building blocks across its broad range of MCU lines. The “Renesas Ready Partner Network” delivers a broad range of building-block solutions that address important technologies critical to next generation IoT design, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, safety and security, connectivity and cloud, human machine interface, sensing and control, tools and user experience, and emerging or application-specific technologies.

The Renesas Ready Partner Network provides easy access to a broad range of solutions with immersive technical content. Every solution includes a “Solution Brief” that outlines the benefits of the third-party product combined with a Renesas product. Customers can also access numerous videos, webinars, and technical documentation through the web site.

“The Renesas Ready Partner Network makes it simple to adopt and implement core-technology building blocks in complex IoT applications with a choice of Renesas products,” said Kaushal Vora, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Ecosystem in IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit. “We now offer over 100 solutions that ease and accelerate the design process, and we are continually adding more strategic technologies that combine with Renesas base products to provide a unique, complementary and differentiated value proposition.”

In order for a third-party to qualify for the Renesas Ready Partner Network, their solution(s) must be shown to work out of the box with one or more of the Renesas product lines. Within the Renesas Ready Partner Network, individual third-party solutions will earn RA Ready, RX Ready, or RL78 Ready badges based on the MCU line(s) they complement.

“The Renesas Ready Partner Network gives our customers a common environment and methodology for accessing third-party solutions across our different MCU lines” said Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President in Renesas’ IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit. “We’re confident that this program, in combination with the complementary hardware-focused Renesas Preferred Partner Program, will deliver complete hardware-software solutions to our customers.”


The Renesas Ready Partner Network web site is available today featuring partners grouped by MCU ecosystems. Within each MCU ecosystem, solutions are organized by key technology focus. Users can access the site at renesas.com/Renesas-Ready.