Explore the competition between exchange22 and GetMega to earn the most

With the inception of the gaming universe, people have got an amazing opportunity to kill their boredom. But much to fans’ knowledge, the gaming universe got modified with further technologies implemented to enhance the gaming experience of professional players. That made it evident for money-earning programs to get launched in the current gaming world. That’s how Exchange22 and GetMega became prominent choices for people who want to earn money while playing games online.

So, if you are interested in playing gaming online and winning real cash, here’s how you can let your skills and professional acumen get a notch higher by registering your name in any of these apps. But before you plan our things, here’s introducing you to these apps. Also, get an understanding of how these two apps are different from each other. On this note, let’s explore the competition between GetMega and Exchange22 to earn real rewards.

Factors that determine competition between GetMega And Exchange22


The leaderboard is an important aspect that makes you familiar with your score on the platform. As soon as you register your name on either Exchange22 or GetMega, you will get an option to check your ranking through the leaderboard scores. In this manner, you can check other players’ names and their ranking too. You can compete against one another and increase the chance of winning. For this reason, you need to enhance your gaming experience.

And for this reason, you are required to understand how your score on the leaderboard determines your ranking. In this manner, you would also be able to choose your competitors and compete against them to secure the top position on the leaderboard. Exchange22 offers you a leaderboard as per your professional acumen and gaming skills. If you are knowledgeable enough about the game, you are surely going to secure a top position on the leaderboard. But practicing is also another consideration that enhances your leaderboard score. GetMega also serves a 24*7 leaderboard feature for its loyal fans. So, here, GetMega is the winner!

UI or user interface

Like the apps and websites, even gaming platforms encompass intriguing UI elements that help the players accomplish their goals by navigating properly. And if they don’t navigate properly, achieving their target becomes challenging. In Exchange22, the app developers provide you with a wide range of options to make your gaming experience intriguing, intuitive, and seamless. GetMega comes with another sophisticated feature for its UI. The app brings the vertical and horizontal modes to make players experience an exciting experience while playing different games in different modes.

Number of players

Exchange22 comprises just the two significant games of Football and Cricket, and they are mainly fantasy-based games. So, the number of players for every contest does not stay limited. Nonetheless, the players should be real. On the contrary, GetMega only allows the real players who are verified by using the mobile number as well as Facebook profile. The players get verified by using Facebook photos. Furthermore, the application gives players the allowance to the real players only. The app does not allow bots. The app has more than 5,000,000+ Signups, 10,000+ Daily Active Players, and 50,000+ Monthly Active Players!

The games that these apps offer

The fact is that Exchange22 happens to be the fantasy sports platform. So, it does not provide you with multiple varieties. The app just comes with the top two best sports games. And they happen to be Cricket and Football! Nonetheless, you may participate in different contests as well as tournaments. On the other hand, GetMega offers different games such as Go pool, Rummy, poker, and other games.

Real Players

As real players are concerned, the Internet game helps you make a virtual group of genuine cricket players. Considering the player’s exhibition, the match’s focus gets scored. This application comes with an alternate idea of cricket. The app gives you the allowance only to real-life people to compete against each other. On the other hand, GetMega allows just 100% verified profiles. It features legal and skill-based games. These games are not dependent on chance or luck. GetMega happens to be RNG registered.

Referral rewards

The reference reward of Exchange22 Referral Code is the INF25, and you can get around ₹25 reward cash after you join the app. You may allude to the companions and get up to around ₹50. In case you use the referral code, you may get Rs.25. But GetMega provides you with an attractive referral program of Rs. 10 on each referral. But that’s dependable on these two parameters: Referral must be in the contact book, and referral must play at least one game with their referral in the video-chat mode!

So, it can be stated that GetMega is the clear winner, although its referral reward is not that high. But in terms of leaderboard features, UI, and other features, this app is more beneficial to play games and earn money!