Want to earn money while playing card games? Learn the best places here

Are you fond of card games and loved playing them in your free time? Thinking of earning real money by playing rummy? If yes, read this article carefully as you will know the best places to play rummy and earn real cash! Online games, especially card games. Isn’t it amazing?  And you can earn real cash that you can transfer directly to your bank account.

The pandemic situation will not let you meet your friends. But you can experience something new as there are lots of applications available by which you can play card games online with your friends. These games will be full of entertainment and worthy of your time. These gaming websites or applications are safe and licensed to use. Card games can be the recommended ones in the festival season. You can spend quality time with your friends and family even sitting miles away from them. Usually, there are many websites but we will tell you about the best 5 gaming apps which you can use to play rummy.

Best places to earn money while playing card games 

  • Getmega

The most preferred choice of the pro players is the Getmega gaming platform. There you can play rummy and other varieties of games such as poker, Gopool, carrom, and other trivia games. 

It has the best gameplay and there are many tournaments and competitions which are organized on a regular basis. There are mainly chances to earn as much real money as you can. After that, if your performance is impressive enough, then you will be rewarded with a bonus. To earn money, you can play rummy. You can earn money just by referring it to your friends. The bonus of the best players is also offered. Try it now and download it from the play store.

  • Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is one of the platforms which is loved by all the card game players even though most of the professionals play rummy on this platform to excel in their skills and earn money. There you can play rummy with thousands of people from all over the world and earn money. If you play rummy in Indian rummy, you will have an amazing experience as it is safe, secure, hassle-free, and gives amazing offers. It also provides customer friendly services and it is designed both for Android and iOS

There are three variants of rummy that are available here.

  • Deals Rummy 
  • Points Rummy 
  • Pool Rummy 

All these variants are quite popular among the users and they love playing them and challenging their friends and flaunting their gaming skills.

  • Poker

Poker is also one of the gaming platforms to play rummy, poker, and other card games online. There is a large range of users who play card games online from all around the world. You can earn money in the most effective way in a hassle-free manner. 

Some specialties can be played by 2 to 14 players and it is played with 52 deck cards.

  • Solitaire club

If you are a beginner and want to earn money just by playing card games, then you can choose a solitaire club as it will match or connect you with the people of your same skills or same level. You can play rummy and other card games without any domination and you can even earn some cash by just playing even casually. But you have to work hard to get to that place. You can begin with a head-start in games with Aces. Try to play rummy step by step, which will help you in your further games.

  • 21 blitz

21 blitz is one of the most entertaining and fast-paced online gaming platforms. You can play rummy with real people and win real cash. Sounds good?

It will depend on your skills and how well you can play card games. Sometimes, it’s all in your head but even in your first game, you can get the victory. This game is unpredictable but if you can analyze the situation after every step, then it is no more unpredictable. There are many prizes such as cars, electrical appliances, and cash is given on this platform. It is just a 3-minute game and you can get a 2x points multiplier if you play rummy well. Why not try??

You can play against free people and earn cash prizes. Tournaments or events are organized and winners will be given a huge cash prize, which can’t be neglected. There’s also a bonus if your friend uses your referral card. The cash prize is not available in every variant or game but you can earn other prizes too.


We have given you information about the 5 best applications to play rummy and earn real money. Card games are favored by maximum users. These card games help in improving your skills as well as cash rewards. Thus, you can try any of the gaming apps like Getmega or Indian Rummy to play Rummy and other card games. This will be the best thing you can try for your spare time. But you should not forget the main purpose of games is relaxing.