How technology changed the way businesses attract customers?

Technology continues to play a crucial role in a number of different ways and its impact is continually felt each and every day. Indeed, it continues to evolve at rapid rates of pace, whilst it also becomes incredibly innovative at the same time.

Although it is used for a variety of different reasons, businesses and even industry sectors as a whole have been able to benefit from the advancements that it brings; especially when it comes down to acquiring and retaining customers.

Naturally, attracting and keeping customers is one of the main priorities that a business should have, as this will ultimately help to keep them operating, earning revenue, and making it a success.

Technology has had a huge impact on allowing businesses to be able to achieve those aims, though, with a variety of different things having been made possible to do that were not perhaps available in the last couple of decades.

Social media marketing

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that have happened with the continued growth of technology and the advancements that have been experienced recently is in regard to social media marketing and the fact that businesses are now able to target potential customers in real-time.

With distance learning degrees like online master’s in marketing, more strategies focused on social media and digital platforms will be developed and cascaded quickly to the learning population.

Organizations can now log on to various social media platforms and take advantage of what is happening at that very precise moment, whilst they can also cotton on to the latest trends that are being experienced. Moreover, with the option for businesses to invest in services that help them gain a larger TikTok audience, for example, they can ensure their content is seen by as many people as possible, effectively expanding their reach. In

Industries such as those in the fashion sector could look to use social media to get ideas about what designs to introduce based on what social media reaction is like, whilst they can also conduct cheap market research due to the potential engagement that they may be able to receive.

Bonuses and promotions

Let’s be incredibly honest, everybody loves a promotional offer and will immediately look to snap it up, even if it is something that they may not necessarily need. We have all seen a number of food commercials that have provided offers on certain products such as fast food that have made us decide it is what we want at the time.

Another example that we have seen emerge recently is in regard to the iGaming sector, as technology has allowed for Unibet’s betting app in Arizona to be able to provide a number of offers and bonuses such as free bets and a 100% bonus to new players within the state as online wagering has since become legal. Indeed, technology has allowed for bigger and better offers and promotions to continue to be provided to potential customers, as the potential audience reach has been increased compared to before.

Artificial Intelligence

When speaking about technology, it would almost be considered impossible not to mention artificial intelligence, as this is perhaps one of the biggest advancements that have been experienced by the entire world.

Indeed, this tech has allowed computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind, thus reducing the actual physical need of a person, whilst continuing to offer the same level of tasks.

Businesses have been able to use this in order to attract customers as they are able to provide tailored services that may fit customer demands and needs, whilst also being able to have an influence on a range of other factors.

Better customer care can be provided

One of the immediate benefits that companies all over the world will have been able to experience by the continued improvement in regard to technology is the fact that they have been able to improve their customer service operations.

As mentioned before, customers are the main aspect of any business as they are the people who will have a major influence in whether an organization is able to be successful and achieve what it is initially set out to do.

Continued technological developments have made providing a certain degree of customer service possible, although some may still argue that it has gotten worse. Many do not agree with chatbots, however, there is no denying that this innovation has helped many businesses to attract and retain much of their client base.

Of course, the major benefits of chatbots and other similar technologies are that they will provide instant customer support, help point users in the right direction when requiring assistance, whilst also using artificial intelligence to make the user experience as personalized as possible.