Bitcoin Super Bowl: Crypto Ads & Commercials

The sporting event of superlatives, the Super Bowl, is back again on Sunday in the city of angels, Los Angeles. The Super Bowl is not just an ordinary social and a sporting event but also an enormous economic factor having an important promotional venue for the companies to invest.

In today’s world, online streaming is gaining a lot of traction and in demand where most of the people spend their time online. These sporting events streaming online have their own promotional value and holds a great deal for the predictive power for the current stock market year.

The Super Bowl is a high-stakes game not only for the players in the field but also for the advertisers. Many Crypto companies advertise at the Super Bowl event and spend millions on a 30-second spot to win over viewers. Lots of people focus on the ads and commercials rather than the game itself. Therefore it provides a great opportunity for the market players and traders to invest on these platforms.

The Super Bowl audience is a diverse mix of viewers between the age group of 18 and 49 that falls in the demographic of crypto customers and viewers. This year, crypto companies are entering into the Super Bowl ad showdown, aiming to score big with viewers. This time viewers will be more exposed to Bitcoin and crypto ads than ever before. Companies like Coinbase, eToro, Bud Light, FTX, Bitbuy, Coinbase and are running the crypto ads during the game and many more are expected to enter.