Flex Power Modules introduced 2 W DC/DC Converters for Gate Drive Power Applications

Flex Power Modules introduced a range of encapsulated, through-hole, 2 W DC/DC converters in the industry-standard SIP-7 format for Gate Drive Power Applications

The series includes nominal 12 V, 15 V and 24 V inputs and a selection of dual, unregulated outputs are available, suitable for asymmetrical positive and negative gate drive voltages for a wide variety of semiconductor switches, including IGBTs, GaN, silicon and silicon carbide MOSFETS. Unlike many similar products on the market, the PUC-D2BG series features 6 kVDC isolation with reinforced insulation to a 250 VAC working voltage, with safety certification to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1.

The PUC-D2BG series is ideal for isolated ‘high-side’ gate drive power and features low isolation capacitance, typically less than 6 pF, which prevents excessive circulating currents with the high dV/dt seen in typical bridge applications such as motor drives and inverters.

The temperature rating of the products is -40 °C to +100 °C ambient with derating, and full power is available to +85 °C in convection cooled environments. This performance is enabled by a high efficiency design reaching typically 80%. The parts require no minimum load and offer continuous short circuit protection.

“Our new PUC-D2BG series is offered at an attractive price-point” comments George Zou, Product Manager at Flex Power Modules, “these parts are perfect in industrial applications for gate drive power, where the Flex Power Modules brand is a guarantee of fast technical support, quality and reliability”.

Flex Power Modules has been a technical pioneer in the development of power modules for more than 40 years with quality designed and built into products at every stage. The PUC-D2BG series benefits from this long experience and has undergone comprehensive qualification, which, along with highly automated manufacturing, guarantees reliable operation. Flex Power Modules’ products are backed up by ISO 9001/14001 certification and unrivaled technical support.

The product series is available in OEM quantities end of March 2022.

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