Mouser is stocking 1700V SiC JFET from UnitedSiC

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the UF3N170400B7S JFET from UnitedSiC (now Qorvo). The UF3N170400B7S is a high-performance, Gen 3 silicon carbide (SiC) normally-on JFET that provides engineers with an ideal solution for over-current protection circuits, DC-AC inverters, switch-mode power supplies, power factor correction modules, motor drives, and induction heating applications.

The UF3N170400B7S, available from Mouser Electronics, is an ultra-fast-switching, temperature-independent JFET, featuring ultra-low on-resistance (RDS(ON)) and gate charge (QG), along with low conduction and switching loss. This voltage-controlled device is ultra-efficient, with a low RDS(ON) of just 400 mΩ at VGS = 0 V, low intrinsic capacitance, and is ideal for current protection circuits without the need for active control or cascode operation.

The RoHS-compliant UF3N170400B7S comes in an industry-standard D2PAK-7L package, is halogen- and lead-free, and operates at an extended ‑55°C to 175°C temperature range.

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