Yamaha’s YRM20 High Efficiency Mounter Achieves up to 115,000CPH

The new YRM20, a premium high-efficiency, high speed modular mounter from Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machinery (IM),  features an exceptionally High-Speed Rotary (RM) head) that achieves up to 115,000 Components Per Hour (CPH). It boosts high speed mount capability for the complete range of typical SMT devices, without the need to select several placement heads to cover the range of components being placed.

The RM head can handle components ranging from extremely tiny 0201mm components on up to medium-sized odd-shaped components of 12 x 12mm dimensions with heights of 6.5mm. 

The HM head can handle these components as well as larger ones up to 55mm x 100mm x 15mm tall. At a rated speed of 98,000 cph, making this machine the most versatile high speed placement machine in the industry, regardless of the mix of component geometries.

Equipped with two gantries and two multi nozzle placement heads, the YRM20 is 10% to 20% faster than our previous model by reducing the weight of the head, improving motion control as well as employing “Overdrive” motion that allows placements on the same board at the same time by minimizing the interference range between 2 heads to achieve the highest speed level in its class.

In addition to a high-speed multi-purpose in-line HM head, the YRM20 offers new features including an Odd-shaped components-capable in-line FM head, an ultra-wide range head capable of handling components ranging from tiny 03015mm chips to tall components to 30mm and ultra-large components of 55 x 100mm. Force control is also available. The mounter’s popular dual-stage conveyor has evolved to an even higher level with enhanced PCB handling capability. High-speed PCB conveying dramatically cuts the time needed for PCB changeovers.