Electric motor industry: the supply chain is reshaping

The electric motor market will exceed US$13 billion by 2027, with major technical innovations and a supply chain reorganization.

The market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole) has developed comprehensive power electronics expertise for more than ten years, with specific investigations fully dedicated to automotive applications. All year long, Yole’s analysts deliver significant analyses, including technology and market reports and teardowns throughout the year. More information.

Today, one of the main drivers for power electronics is vehicle electrification. The vehicle’s electric motor is a key part of the powertrain and any change in the motor will impact the characteristics of the other components of the powertrain, such as the battery and inverter.

In this regard, Yole’s power electronics team releases the report Motors for automotive 2022 – Focus on full-electric vehicles. This technology and market study analyzes the challenges and opportunities of this industry in detail. Yole provides an overview of the technologies, highlights the technical disruptions, and presents detailed market data. The company also delivers a valuable understanding of the value chain, infrastructure, and competitive landscape with an in-depth analysis of the OEMs’ strategies.

Abdoulaye Ly, Technology & Market Analyst, Power Electronics at Yole, asserts: “Four technologies are mainly used in traction motors in full EV s. They are PMSMs ; PMaSynRMs , IMs and EESMs . Today, PMSM technology is widespread in the EV industry. At Yole, we expect it to remain the primary technology in the coming years thanks to its high power density and efficiency at normal speeds. Also, China is the biggest EV market, and almost all Chinese vehicle makers use PMSM.”…

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