Advanced Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing Services in the Industrial Centre of Russia

IRZ (Izhevskiy Radiozavod) was founded in 1958 in one of the industrial centers of Russia, the city of Izhevsk. The private corporate group possesses advanced engineering and production technologies that enable manufacture of radio electronics under IRZ brand for a number of industries including oil&gas equipment, railway automatic and safety systems, telecommunication devices, and also allow IRZ providing electronics manufacturing services.

The company’s competence covers all production activities enabling the full cycle of product development, from an idea to serial production based on LEAN manufacturing principles. Both small batches and serial products with equally high quality can be produced without minimum order quantity limit. QMS is certified and meets the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/TS 22163 requirements.

R&D and industrial design of products at IRZ include, among other technologies, prototyping using additive technologies.

The company maintains printed circuit boards production; it designs and manufactures the following types:

  • Single/double-sided, multilayer boards with up to 24 layers and 400×320 mm dimensions;
  • Multilayer PCBs with blind and hidden holes;
  • Flex-rigid boards with up to 6 conductor layers in their flexible parts;
  • High-frequency and microwave boards including multilayer ones with metal-coated holes;
  • Microwave multilayer PCBs made of both Russian and imported materials using compression at temperatures up to 380 °С;
  • Metal-based and packaged  boards;
  • Flexible cables with metal-coated holes;
  • Printed transformers.

The components are mounted on boards and assemblies at SMT lines and selective soldering machines with 100 % quality inspection.

Mechanical processing covers the processing of metal/non-metal materials, plastics, and various rubber materials using advanced CNC machining centers. The production facilities enable electroplating, painting and varnishing. The company also manufactures cables of any configuration, complexity, and quantity with the mounting of connectors, sealed parts, and resistant marking.

In-house assembly and integration of electronic devices of various designs is carried out using Hi-end equipment from leading world vendors and includes photo recording of every production stage.

Electronic parts and finished products are inspected at IRZ in-house testing center equipped with more than 400 units of testing and measuring equipment.

IRZ has vast and successful experience in exporting its products to the EU, CIS countries, Asia, and Arab countries. IRZ is now actively marketing its new products including sensors and telecommunication systems to international markets. For instance, the IRZ SensR-24.01 24 GHz Doppler radar, being part of photo/video recording systems, determines distance to vehicles, direction, and speed. The oDAS RADIUS is an outdoor distributed antenna system designed for 2G/3G/4G mobile coverage of areas along railways and roads, rivers and lakes, rural settlements remote from base stations coverage range.