What is the Controversy lurking around NFTs?

In this Bitcoin Era, Blockchain has become a very handy option for us to advance to newer and smarter ways. The digital finance system has been a haven for investors with the help of this innovative technology, being backed up by a specific currency system, cryptocurrencies. With the ascension of time, other new opportunities have emerged, and one of these is the NFTs. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are a new way to introduce your assets to a vaster audience, whereas it is a great platform for those too who want to purchase a unique asset. But these days, many controversies are rising about the NFTs, and some are making certain relevant objections. Visit at: https://bitcoin-era.pl/

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, have revolutionized the idea of art in the most outstanding way for us. Backed up by the Cryptos as a medium of tokens or coins, NFTs offer various items to the audience, starting from a song, drawings, video games, animated GIFs, and so on. These items are developed by an artist and are either a piece that is unique and has only one copy or are the copies of many. The range of these items varies based on their rarity. The blockchain made sure that the protocols only developed by the sellers of the original items were followed. The copies can be made and circulated in the network only if the original producer allows them. 

The History of NFTs

In an attempt to make opportunities for the budding artists to earn money, tech entrepreneur Anil Dash and Digi artist Kevin McCoy 2014 first introduced the concept of NFTs in the New Museum of Contemporary Art of New York City. Even being introduced so long back, NFTs achieved the heights of recognition in 2021. It became such news in the technological universe when Everyday- the first 500 days by an artist named Mike Winkelmann from America was sold for 69 million USD on 11th March 2021. From that time, the digital art tokens never had to look back and hiked up in the charts. 

Art with NFTs

The art universe is booming with the opportunities NFTs are offering, and many artists are gaining overnight popularity through their art forms. There is no chance for one to fail if they introduce their arts on the platforms as the abundance of network participation will bring customers through extravagant connectivity.

Ethereum and NFTs

Ethereum is indeed the mother channel for exchanging NFTs, and the first NFTs were mined and circulated in this network only. As Ethereum classic works with the Proof-of-Work consensus, mining of these tokens ought to take a lot of energy from the environment, and that makes it quite a big issue. Many other networks are trying to make environment-friendly and safer NFTs, but still, Ethereum shares the most number of NFT exchanges any other. 

The Climate Crisis in the Game 

NFTs are needed to be mined first for these to enter the chain or block. Most often, these digital arts take a lot of energy, and emission rates are extremely high, making these projects incrementally detrimental to the environment. Even when the miners are trying to hash out the problems from the system, the crisis is forming horrifyingly. 

The Fraud in the Chain

When the concept of copying an NFT is an offensive crime, no one can prevent it from happening. Anything lurking on the web has a 100% potential of being copied or downloaded from websites, even when it was an NFT in the first place. Thus, the idea of someone owning an art piece for a million dollars is absurd as this can be used by anyone in any possible way on the internet.


The market is lined with NFT scams. Starting from a fake Banksy NFT named Great Redistribution of the Climate Change Disaster being sold for 3 million just to witness it being advertised for an auction on the same website, we all get to know about the duplicity of these networks. Not only that, the hackers are trying to take down many enthusiasts through social media platforms such as Discord, and fake links are redirecting them to a network vulnerability where they are taken with the lure of minting NFTs. 

In this Bitcoin Era, it is our biggest responsibility to make sure that our investments are treated with the same values, and if not, then maybe it is the time to discard all these shady platforms. 

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