Time of Flight (ToF) camera for accurate 3D depth measurement from e-con Systems

e-con Systems launches DepthVista – a Time of Flight (ToF) camera that comes with a combination of a ToF depth sensor for depth measurement and the AR0234 color global shutter sensor from Onsemi for object identification.

DepthVista is a high-resolution depth camera that is capable of capturing 640×480 depth maps at a frame rate of 30 fps. This allows autonomous mobile robots and guided vehicles to perceive their environment and navigate safely. One of the notable features of DepthVista is that it does not require ambient illumination for optimal performance, making it suitable for systems operating in low light or even complete darkness. Furthermore, the depth calculation is performed in the camera itself, eliminating the need for it to be performed on the application side. This reduces computational load and provides a ready-to-use frame with the necessary depth information.

Key features of DepthVista:

Depth and RGB stream in a single frame: Allow for object recognition as well as depth measurement in a single frame.
No need for ambient lighting: Suitable for systems that operate in low light or even total darkness
Depth calculation within camera: Eliminating the need to perform it on the application side, which reduces computational overhead.
Depth with high resolution: Capturing a 640×480 depth map at 30 fps allows autonomous vehicles and robots to accurately perceive their surroundings for navigation and object recognition.
Far mode and close-range mode: Offers a maximum and minimum range of 6 meters and 0.2 meter respectively.

A combination of the features mentioned above makes DepthVista suitable for applications such as

Autonomous mobile robots like warehouse robots, and service robots
Robotic arms
Autonomous guided vehicles
People counting in Retail Analytics
Face recognition based anti-spoofing devices
Patient care/Patient monitoring


Customers interested in evaluating DepthVista – can purchase the product from e-con Systems‘ online store. Please visit the DepthVista product page and click the buy now button to navigate to the webstore and purchase the product.