How to Select the Best Project Management Software?

Are you struggling to handle your projects? No matter if you are a project manager or a member of the project completing team, you can face this issue. You have to keep an eye on every single step of the project to handle it perfectly. From tracking the time of the project to the total budget of it, everything is time-consuming and makes it hard for you to do so manually.

But why are you even trying to do so manually? You are living in a digitally grown world. You have to simply use project management software to manage your project and the problem is solved. Different software is out there in the markets to manage every single of your projects. Architecture project tracking software to time tracking and budget calculating software is present to assist you.

You can choose a single software with enough abilities to handle all your projects or you can go with AI project management, which simplifies the task by using AI. It will save a lot of your time and money. You don’t have to struggle every time to find the best project management software. Following are some ways that will assist you to choose the best project management software.

Recognize Your Project

Not all the software is made for every type of project. You need to choose a specific project management software to get the best out of it. For that purpose, you need to have a deep look at your project. It will assist you in recognizing the nature of your project. After doing so the next thing is to choose a project management software to handle your project.

Short List the Best Ones

After deciding on what type of project management software you need, it’s time to research. Search for the software and you will see a lot of results. You cannot individually check all of these. So try to shortlist the top 10 or 15 of them. This will enable you to choose the perfect software out of the top 10 best software. Features of project management software and its reviews matter the most when you are making a final call about it.

Check for Reviews

The best way to choose anything from a wide range of options is to check their reviews. Do the same when choosing a project management software. Check from various sites about the reviews of your shortlisted software.

Reviews will help you to understand which one is going best currently and live up to your expectations. After checking reviews, you have to shorten your list to 5 software only. These are the top 5, but you cannot randomly choose any one of them. You need to test them further before making a final call.

Test Software by Yourself

Once you manage to figure out the top 5 software, it’s time to test every single one of them. Good software will always give you a free trial to test the features. Therefore, avoid getting that software that doesn’t give you a free trial. Contact the software designers for your free trial.

Testing the software on a free trial will assist you in checking every single feature of the project management software. And most importantly, it will let you know if it’s capable of doing what you are looking for. Then you can also check if you can use it perfectly or if it’s hard to understand its working.

Ask Your Team

After testing every software by yourself, it’s time to let your team do the same. You are not the only one working on a project, your team too, needs this software. So let your team test it and then take their suggestions as well. Your team will tell you if they can use this software with ease.

For example, if you need engineering project management software, give your team a try of the top 3 or 4 such software. Your team will tell you the best one based on its features and ease to use.


We believe that now you can find the best project management software for yourself.  However, to make your work easier, we will give you a final hint. Go for BQE CORE to get the best project management software ever. You have to simply take the free trial and get the subscription for using it. It’s way better than searching, shortlisting, and other things you need to do for finding the best project management software.