ultrasonic sensors

CUI Devices’ Sensors Group today announced the expansion of its ultrasonic sensors product line with a range of new ultrasonic transceiver models. Featuring ingress protection ratings of IP67 or IP68 and high frequency ratings up to 400 kHz, these ultrasonic transceivers boast industry-best lead times and are ideal for applications subject to moisture and environmental contaminants.

The ultrasonic transceiver models carry expanded beam angles from 7 up to 80 degrees, distance ratings from 0.03 up to 15 meters, and operating temperature ranges from -40 up to 85°C. Housed in compact, aluminum cases, these ultrasonic transceivers also offer through hole, wire leads, and wire leads with connector mounting styles. With combined transmit and receive functions in a single package, engineers can benefit from a simplified ultrasonic sensor solution for distance measurement, object detection, and proximity sensing.

CUI Devices’ ultrasonic transceivers are available immediately with prices starting at $3.49 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI Devices for OEM pricing.

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