Ripple in a Downward Reversal – Will it Rally After the Lawsuit?

Cryptocurrency has gained more popularity and has grown well beyond experts’ expectations.  It has  still become a viable investment option for most traders despite the uncertain market. Every new crypto investor when they enter the market they have a lot of energy and enthusiasm towards trading. The excitement that they have made them to become more eager to learn and gain more knowledge towards the cryptomarket.

For an investor or anyone interested in joining the cryptocurrency market it is very important to devote more time and effort to know the unknown crypto investment information that others don’t tell. In order to survive in an uncertain market crypto traders must be careful in their decision making.

One of the cryptocurrency that is experiencing a downward reversal in recent weeks is Ripple. This downside reversal of Ripple may be a concern for most traders but they can give some considerations on the said crypto by looking at the Ripple price prediction 2025 because it gives an informed guess of where the coin could be in the future, and hence a strong investment case. 

To recap, since May 2022, the price of Ripple has generally been going down, trading at $0.3466 by the time of writing this. This isn’t good news for any investor considering that the currency was trading at around $0.70 in April this year. That the face of this currency looks to be dependent on the SEC lawsuit makes investors wait nervously. The question is, will Ripple rally after this lawsuit?

A Solid Gain Followed By a Downside Reversal

When Ripple emerged in 2012 as NewCoin, the goal was to offer the most efficient trans-border money transfers to financial firms. It would create a network for financial transactions and the XRP cryptocurrency was born. The eventual popularity of XRP has essentially been a ticking bomb for the institution over the years.

The long-expected reaction happened in 2020 when the SEC took Ripple and its CEOs to court. The point of contention is the sale of an unregistered security. This case has dragged on since then with no conclusion in sight. It appears the upcoming court ruling is having an impact on Ripple’s value. XRP is now on a downside and one would argue that the situation would have been a little more manageable were the SEC lawsuit not there.

What is Ripple’s price now and its prediction for 2025?

The price of Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency has improved by at least 30% since the middle of June, as Ripple Labs announced expansion plans. However, the year-long performance of the currency remains down, reflective of the entire cryptocurrency market. There is also the matter of the lawsuit by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Investors were excited by the rally in 2021 when the cryptocurrency climbed to $1 and beyond. The trend took a different direction in April 2022, when the price went as low as 70 cents. In what is infamously called the crypto winter, the price has diminished even further.

Today, the coin is trading at $0.3466, which is a -2.46% change compared to the last 24 hours. This means that the launch value of $0.10 is now closer than the highest price the currency has ever achieved – $3.84 in 2018.

Even if the value may go down further for a while, specialists believe that Ripple XRP will be much more valuable in 2025 than it is today. Many experts predict a value of $1 and more.

Will Ripple still rally after the lawsuit?

Ripple could rally after the SEC lawsuit, but that will depend on several market factors. Should the suit go Ripple’s way, then a rally is very imminent. Even as the effects of the lawsuit continue to bite, there have been rallies already this year, as witnessed during April. The coin could rally if it gets headway in the lawsuit.

Is Ripple still worth buying?

Many investors are wondering if they should still invest in Ripple. No doubt the future is bright for this popular currency despite the downward reversal. Considering the happenings in the general crypto market and the XRP environment, Ripple may attain record-breaking prices soon. This holds because the downside reversals that have happened before were followed by periods of gains.


Ripple remains a promising digital currency even with the SEC lawsuit and all the other challenges in the market. Once this lawsuit is over and if favorable, the altcoin is likely to rally, albeit after some time. What attracts investors? The uniqueness and possible future regulatory lucidity will keep buyers coming for this crypto. XRP is also easy to trade.