How Time Lapse Technology Is Changing Construction

Technology is an aspect that’s ever-growing. Innovations are coming up daily, intending to bring about efficiency as you meet your daily needs. One of the latest innovations gaining traction is the time lapse technology. But, what is it?

This technology takes pictures of an activity at regular intervals and creates a video of the said activity. Time lapse technology has found its place in the construction industry. And, as a project manager, are you wondering whether to adopt this innovation?  This article can help by divulging how this technology is changing the construction industry. So, read on!

Increasing Productivity

Productivity is essential in the execution of construction projects. Thes are often time-sensitive since delays can make the projects quite expensive, which is undesirable. In most cases, workers’ productivity on site is the main focus. Workers are the ones directly involved with the construction process. The project will take time to complete if they aren’t productive enough.

The time lapse technology tends to increase productivity on construction sites. How?

You must have the right tools for this innovation to serve you efficiently. One such tool is a camera. You must install the cameras at strategic points on site. These will make workers feel that the bosses are watching them; therefore, they’re less likely to procrastinate as they execute their roles. Their productivity will increase by default, hastening project completion.

However, it’s good to point out that these cameras alone won’t ensure productivity. There’s a possibility of cameras being unable to capture certain details, resulting in blind spots. Thus, you must work with a proactive contractor that’ll ensure overall site productivity. The two should complement each other in service delivery.

Furthermore, to ensure the success of your upcoming construction time lapse project, you can hire a firm that specializes in this field. You may learn more here about all the services of which you can avail.

Providing Room For Reference

It’s said that construction projects differ from each other, even if the same team handles all projects. The disparity is often a concern that construction stakeholders want to investigate. Without the right technology and resources, however, studying different projects tends to be challenging. Fortunately, with the time lapse technology, the construction team can easily compare projects.

As previously stated, the time lapse technology documents the entire project in short but detailed videos. Therefore, you can easily store and access videos of several projects. During the project comparison meetings, the videos can serve as reference. The team can identify bottlenecks in previous projects and ensure they avoid them in future projects. With such an approach, you’ll better your project execution, which can lead to building a good reputation and gaining new customers.

Making Marketing Easy

Marketing is often not an easy task in the construction industry. Most managers find it challenging to showcase their work to potential clients due to the extended length of projects. You might miss vital details that could be the make or break for scoring your next client. 

However, the time lapse technology has changed the narrative. This innovation will document the entire construction process and convert it into a detailed video. You don’t have to worry about ending up with a long video that could tire your potential clients. You can create a portfolio of all your works that showcases your proficiency in the field. Since it’ll show the process from start to finish, you’re better placed to convince potential clients to seek your construction services.

Enabling Remote Monitoring

Most construction companies and contractors handle more than one project at a time. In such situations, monitoring becomes an issue. If you aren’t wary, you’re likely to have some projects that are inefficiently running, especially if they’re located some distance from your headquarters. Most construction projects are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) for remote monitoring. However, time lapse technology is said to be overtaking this norm. 

Once you adopt the time lapse technology, you don’t need to worry much about monitoring. As stated earlier, the innovation uses cameras. You can access these images through software related to the system. Therefore, if you have access to the software on your gadget, you can easily see what’s going on on-site, even in your absence. 

This system eliminates the need for too much travel time to sites, which consumes a lot of resources. Also, your clients can easily see their projects’ progress without visiting the sites, which provides much convenience. Ultimately, no project will lack in efficiency due to a lack of monitoring.


Time lapse technology is here to change industries positively. The discussion above has shown how the innovation is changing the construction industry in particular. With such pieces of information, you can better decide as a project manager whether or not time lapse technology is something you should adopt. In the end, be sure to make the right choice, all factors considered.