Miniature Sensor Enables Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

With the flowplus-SPT M6, ViscoTec is now launching the world’s smallest flush pressure sensor with a chemical – largely inert – pressure membrane made of FFKM. The miniature sensor is also currently the only sensor that achieves both pressure and temperature measurement with an M6 thread as process connection and a sensor body that is only 15.3 mm short. Here, the flowplus-SPT M6 sensor measures pressures of the material to be dispensed up to 40 bar at a temperature range from 5 to 50°C. The miniature sensor fits perfectly into the material outlet of ViscoTec dispensing systems, but can also be installed in other applications, where its small design reduces possible material losses due to dead space-optimized components. Thanks to its intuitive mechanics and short cable length, integration into ViscoTec dispensers is quick and easy, so that the flowplus-SPT M6 is immediately ready for process data acquisition.

Another plus: The integrated electronics convert the recorded pressures and temperatures into an analog voltage signal, which enables uncomplicated and fast integration into control systems such as a PLC. The low measurement tolerance of only 2 % and the resulting high measurement accuracy ensure precise and, at the same time, simple processing of the recorded measurement data. In addition, possible cable breaks can be detected via a drop in the pressure-dependent voltage signal below 0.1 V using the master-level control system.

Thanks to its dust- and splash-proof design (protection class IP54), the flowplus-SPT M6 operates confidently and reliably in industrial environments even without the attachment of further housing components. The sensor body is made of stainless steel and is therefore largely resistant to the effects of every conceivable material. Furthermore, the measuring membrane made of FFKM is significantly more resistant than conventional membranes, which is reflected in noticeably reduced maintenance and spare parts costs. By means of a chemical resistant, drag chain suitable sensor connection cable, the smooth coupling with ViscoTec controllers via a 4-pole M8 standard connection is possible. The flowplus-SPT M6 is already available on the market.