UnitedSiC 750V UJ4C/SC Silicon Carbide Field-Effect Transistors now at Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the UJ4C/SC FETs from UnitedSiC (now Qorvo) in an industry-standard, D2PAK-7L surface-mount package. The UJ4C/SC series devices are 750 V silicon carbide field-effect transistors (SiC FETs) that capitalize on the D2PAK-7L package option to deliver low switching loss, increased efficiency at higher speeds, and improved system power density. The FETs are optimized for applications such as onboard chargers, soft-switched DC/DC converters, battery charging, and IT/server power supplies.

The UJ4C/SC devices, available from Mouser Electronics, leverage a unique cascode SiC FET technology in which a normally on SiC JFET is co-packaged with a silicon MOSFET to produce a normally off SiC FET. The FETs reduce inductance from compact internal connection loops, which, along with the included Kelvin source connection, results in low switching loss, enabling higher frequency operation and improved system power density.

The D2PAK-7L version of the UJ4C/SC series is available in on-resistance options from 9 mΩ to 60 mΩ, delivering design flexibility while maintaining generous design margins and circuit robustness. Rated to 750 V, the FETs offer a best-in-class on-resistance × area (RDS(on) × A) figure of merit and a low body diode, ultra-low gate charge, and a 4.8 V threshold voltage that allows a gate drive of 0 V to 15 V for ultimate versatility with low conduction losses.