ISO 17025 Accreditation awarded to Danisense for Calibration of DC Current Transducers up to 21kA

Calibration of DC Current Transducers up to 21kA

Danisense announced its accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, the quality management system and main standard for testing and calibration laboratories. This means that the company can now offer ISO 17025 accredited DC calibration of DC Current Transducers up to 21kA. The ISO 17025 accreditation was awarded to Danisense by the Danish national accreditation body, DANAK.

ISO 17025 accreditation means that the laboratory has met the Management Requirements and Technical Requirements of the internationally-recognized ISO 17025 standard, and is deemed technically competent to produce calibration and testing results. Now Danisense can ship new current sense transducers with the ISO 17025 calibration authority, saving customers a long and painful process and much administrative time and effort.

Explains Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director at Danisense: “The Danisense laboratory was first built in 2017. We have since gained knowledge in the field of metrology, particularly high accuracy DCCT calibration. We have continuedly improved our methods and equipment, and  the laboratory has been used to support the development of high-end DC Current Transducers for particle accelerators, MRI scanners, green energy applications like windmills, electric vehicles and many other applications.”

DANISENSE: Precision – Innovation

By combining complex magnetic performance with advanced electronics Danisense provides efficient and precise solutions that match the requirements of worldwide customers in demanding industries. Danisense was founded in 2012 and today is based in Denmark and Japan. The company’s founders and key employees are highly-experienced and possess specialized knowledge about high precision current transducers, enabling Danisense to create solutions that enable its customers to quickly and easy measure AC and DC currents with accuracies down to 1ppm. Its products are of the highest quality and have an extremely flat frequency response and outstanding DC stability.