SiTime Delivers Precision Timing Solution for Tesla Dojo AI Supercomputer

SiTime Corporation delivers precision timing solutions for the Tesla Dojo AI Supercomputer, featured in Tesla’s AI Day 2022.  

Tesla Dojo AI Supercomputer

As mentioned in the AI day 2 presentation on Dojo Supercomputer, Tesla Dojo AI Supercomputer has been built with a no limits philosophy and Dojo’s system design lead, Bill Chang noted “Solving density problems is the cornerstone of achieving our system performance. Unlike conventional designs, we had to design a unique power module which is very dense and integrates all components, including timing. SiTime’s MEMS clocking technology and system-level knowledge enabled a power module that optimized unprecedented density and complex integration, which in turn, enabled high system performance on Dojo.” 

The high-performance levels need highly accurate, stable, and reliable clocking. Precision timing is the heartbeat that enables the boundaries of electronics. Bill Chang stated, “The design could not follow the tried-and-tested rules for timing devices, which is to place them in an electrically “quiet” area of the board.” The Dojo team collaborated with SiTime to help debug and solve this complex density and performance problem. 

Through close engineering collaboration and multiple iterations over an extended period, SiTime’s engineers provided an alternative MEMS oscillator, along with system-level techniques, that fixed the problem for dense integration design of Tesla Dojo AI Supercomputer power module. 

The problem on Tesla’s Dojo power module is one of the more unique cases in my 35 year engineering career” stated Nara Bharath, executive vice president of systems engineering at SiTime. “The power module for Tesla’s Dojo system is very dense, with vertical integration of key components, including clocks. We worked closely with Tesla engineers to find the root cause, select the right SiTime part and program it appropriately to fix this problem, ensuring that the system works in harsh conditions. Our collaboration with Tesla is a great example of how leaders can work together to advance the future of electronics.”