onsemi opens New Design Center for Semiconductor Chips in Bucharest, Romania

Modern, energy efficient site accommodates the entire product development cycle & a growing team focused on innovations in intelligent power & sensing solutions

onsemi announced the opening of a new design center for state-of-the-art Semiconductor Chips in Bucharest, Romania. The technologies developed at the 3000m2 of new office space and hi-tech laboratories are intended for high temperature and high endurance use, isolated drivers for automotive applications and high precision parts for intelligent sensing.

onsemi Bucharest’ Design Center for Semiconductor Chips

The Design Center for Semiconductor Chips encompasses the entire new-product development cycle, covering a wide range of activities such as integrated circuits design, layout, test development, applications, technology development, project management and product marketing. Acquired by onsemi in 2008, the team in Romania has continued to grow, surpassing 100 employees, while adopting new technologies for best-in-class semiconductor development.

Having the entire development cycle in one place enables closer collaboration that speeds up the process from innovative idea and development to delivery to the customer,said Brian Pickard, vice president, Power Solutions Group at onsemi. “The new design center also offers more career opportunities for our exceptional team in Romania while attracting new talent that are eager to drive technology breakthroughs for a sustainable future.”

The design center is located at The Light One campus, in Bucharest. With its proximity to Politehnica, a primary university of cooperation for onsemi in Bucharest, it is an ideal location to provide opportunities to bright students who are interested in developing their skillsets with a leading high-tech company. This will further strengthen the existing relationship with the university, where onsemi experts are already teaching the latest trends in electronic design and technologies. The larger, more dynamic high-tech space will enable onsemi to continue to grow and expand its activities in semiconductor development.

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