Robotics as a Service for Automotive Industry & Parking Automation

Affordable Robotic &Automation Ltd. (ARAPL) announced its foray into the service industry with the launch of its RAAS (Robotics as a Service) offering. This high-tech offering was possible in a short span of 9 months as the company’s DNA is embedded in robotics enabling a better understanding of implementing the right technology for material movement.

ARAPL Robotics as a Service offers an end-to-end solution approach. Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) also known as self-guided vehicles are material handling systems or load carriers that travel autonomously throughout a warehouse. Their movement is directed by a combination of software and sensor-based guidance systems and includes automatic obstacle detection bumpers making AGVs provide safe movement of loads.

ARAPL’s Robotics as a Service solutions do all the above and take 30% lesser space and save 50% manpower. This solution thus becomes very helpful for dark stores, B2B feeder warehouses and direct B2B businesses.

Robotics as a Service

The ARAPL Robotics as a Service offering is currently in the picking and put away solutions which are where about 50% of man force is deployed in conventional business setups. It has ambience intelligence which ensures that the right products are shipped and being modular and mobile in nature it can be scaled and installed across different locations as per business requirements. And if all this wasn’t enough it also ensures that the initial investment a business makes in their ARAPL RaaS offering is recovered in the next 1 to 2 years of investment.

Speaking on the launch Mr Robinson Philipose Co-founder and CEO of ARAPL RaaS said, “We are excited about entering the RaaS space and considering our pedigree in robotics and automation, we not only bring in the necessary know-how and experience but also the best-in-class technology. We are committed to enabling businesses to cut down costs, increase efficiencies and be more profitable through the implementation of our offerings. We are looking at (request for Robinson’s inputs for the target customer segments) for now and will soon look at (future customer segments).”

Investors have shown great confidence in this new venture of ARAPL and (Mr Vijay Kedia) has invested in the ARAPL RaaS offering. Mr Vijay Kedia stated, “We have had a long-standing relationship with ARAPL, and we are happy to extend our support to its new subsidiary – ARAPL RaaS. We truly believe that this new subsidiary will bring about great economies of scale to businesses and improve overall efficiencies. We offer our complete support to the team as they forge new pathways and consolidate the business further.”