Amphenol RF introduced flexible 2.92 mm Cable Assemblies, offering low VSWR & insertion loss

Amphenol RF is pleased to offer pre‐configured 2.92 mm Cable Assemblies designed on flexible 0.85″ conformable cable. This assembly is available in the straight plug (male) to straight plug (male) configuration in various standard lengths from six inches to 1 meter. The durable 2.92 mm assembly provides an excellent solution for demanding applications requiring high frequency transmission while providing high mechanical stability and excellent repeatability. It is well suited for usage is a variety of industries including military and aerospace, 5G wireless, and instrumentation.

2.92 mm Cable Assemblies

The 2.92 mm Cable Assemblies are engineered with a robust RF interconnect similar to the SMA interface with a smaller internal body diameter and air dielectric to support a higher frequency range up to 40 GHz. The gold‐plated, stainless steel connectors are intermateable with SMA and 3.5 mm connectors. The male pin is shorter than that of an SMA or 3.5 mm to ensure that the outer contacts of the male and female connectors engage before the pin and female receptacle do. This ensures that the pin and socket will not see excessive wear and mating stress by misalignment with an SMA or 3.5 mm.

This flexible cable assembly allows for a tight bend radius while providing low VSWR and excellent return and insertion loss. In addition, this assembly offers excellent power handling capability which makes it an ideal solution for communication receivers and transmitters, satellite communication equipment (SATCOM), laboratory testing and microwave applications.

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