Flusso launched FLS122 Sensor Evaluation Kit

Flusso has launched the FLS122 flow Sensor Evaluation Kit to help engineers quickly evaluate its new air velocity sensor’s performance and capabilities within their own applications.

The company has also confirmed the FLS122 is progressing into volume production, with Flusso now accepting customer orders and expecting to make its first shipments in early November.

Sensor Evaluation Kit

The new Sensor Evaluation Kit, which combines an FLS122 velocity sensing module with plug and play hardware and a PC GUI, allows users to easily connect everything together with their laptop to assess the sensor’s performance.  The sensor module is configured and calibrated via an I2C cable to enable further integration into test systems for more in-depth analysis of its performance as required.

Thomas Negre, VP sales and marketing at Flusso said: “Flusso has had so much positive market feedback about the FLS122’s performance and cost-effectiveness that we’ve decided to advance it into production as soon as possible.  The FLS122 will be manufactured using our existing world-class supply chain that can quickly ramp volumes to over 100 million pieces per year to meet fast-growing demand.”

The FLS122 Sensor Evaluation Kit was launched in May 2022 as the world’s smallest air velocity sensor and supports bidirectional flow sensing for real-time air speed and temperature measurement.  It has a footprint of just 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm, an air speed range of 0 to 20 metres per second with measurement accuracy better than 5 per cent, and a temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.  The FLS122 measures air velocity directly and can be calibrated to report air flow rate with near-zero pressure drop.

Although the FLS122 was initially launched to target thermal management and filter monitoring applications, it is being increasingly evaluated by customers for use in handheld, battery-powered test equipment on account of its exceptionally low power, low cost and integration flexibility.

Flusso’s new FLS122 evaluation kit, as well as product samples, can be ordered directly via the company’s website or from one of its distributors.  Hardware design guides, a software development kit and a range of other application engineering support materials for the FLS122 are available online.

The FLS122 air velocity sensor and evaluation kit will both be showcased at this year’s Electronica trade fair and electronics conference (Munich, Germany; 15 to 18 November 2022), where Flusso will be exhibiting its latest sensor innovations on booth B3.537.