Explore Smartwatch Chargers for Popular Models

Smartwatch is a device that combines the functions of a watch and a modern phone. With it, you can not only check the current time, but also monitor your physical activity, sleep, basic health parameters, and manage your phone calls. This is why smartwatches have become a popular accessory – not only among ordinary consumers but also among athletes or businessmen.

Of course, these devices have batteries that need to be regularly charged. Dedicated cables and adapters are available. Unfortunately, their connections have never been (although they may soon be) standardized. At one end of the charging cable, in most cases, you will find the popular USB plug. At the other end, however, there is usually a special holder with precisely placed contacts; suitably shaped to hold the device, thus ensuring a connection with the lowest possible resistance. These holders are typically compatible narrow range of solutions available on the market. And, unfortunately, like all accessories – they are subject to wear and tear. Meanwhile, original replacements are quite expensive.

This is where Akyga, offering chargers and adapters for the most popular models of smartwatches, comes to the rescue. The TME offer includes articles dedicated to devices from manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Samsung, and Garmin. The cables and connectors of the chargers are designed for currents up to 1 A (which is sufficient for this range of applications). The products, depending on the model, are made in white and black.

Cable typesmartwatch charging cable
TypeUSB – smartwatch
Nominal current1 A
Cable length*0.1 m to 1 m
Colour*white or black

* depending on the model

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