element14′ e-TechJournal magazine edition 4 is now available for download

e-TechJournal magazine latest edition offers in-depth insight into Industrial Smart Sensors & the key role that they play in Industrial IoT

Engineers around the world can now download the latest instalment of element14’s popular online e-TechJournal magazine.

Interested readers can obtain a free copy of the digital magazine with a single click to learn how sensor technology advancements are facilitating smart industrial automation to enable rapid Industrial IoT.

To learn more about this, edition 4 of e-TechJournal magazine offers detailed insight into:

•       The Advantages of Rapid Industrial IoT

•       Pressure Sensors: Design Considerations and Technology options

•       The Advantages of Digital Pressure Sensors in Industrial Applications

•       How To Simplify Your Next Thermocouple Design

•       Indoor Air Quality: Changing The Future With Smart Sensor Systems

Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Technical Marketing at element14, and Editor of the e-TechJournal, said: Today, sensors are vital to any modern-day Internet of Things application. They serve as the eyes and ears in an ecosystem of connected devices, gathering critical information about their surroundings that then allows them to make decisions.

We understand that efficient manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art automotive, innovative medical products, smart power supply systems, or user-friendly building services would not be conceivable without sensors and in this latest edition of e-TechJournal, our experts take an in-depth look at the essential role that they play.”

Interested readers can download edition 4 for free here and subscribe at all future editions of the e-tech journal.