Housewarming Return Gifts Ideas – Eco Friendly Edition

Housewarming Return Gifts Ideas – Eco Friendly Edition

New home brings a lot of joy in our hearts. It opens the door to new opportunities, new ideas, new occasions to celebrate everyday. When we enter our new abode, it fills the heart with excitement and happiness. To share this happiness with the ones we love, we throw a housewarming party & invite them all. 

As the guests arrive & be part of our celebrations, the ideal thing to do is show our gratitude with a nice feast, dancing and party favours at the end. Now, there are many options that you can choose for the party favours, but if you want to do something special and meaningful at the same time for you beloved guests, check out the list of handpicked eco friendly housewarming return gifts items below – 

  1. Plantable Stationery – When it comes to stationery, everyone likes quirky pens & notepads and it is useful in every household. What makes this stationery different, is that it is made with organic seed paper, decomposable material. Once used, you can tear the page from the diary and plant it in soil, it will turn into a sapling & grow. There are multiple options in plantable stationery including plantable diary, plantable pencils & pens with seeds attached in the end that you can plant directly. 
  • Mini Succulent Plants – Easy & meaningful, succulent plants are omen of good health & wealth. Gifting little saplings of these beautiful & manageable plants can make nice housewarming return gifts for your guests. 
  • Soy Candles & Diya – Candles are an all time gifting item that goes with almost all the occasions. Soy candles are better than general paraffin candles in many ways. First of all, they are low on health risk as they’re made without the harmful carcinogens, don’t release much soot and burn slower. 
  • Ceramic Tea Cups – Handcrafted ceramic tea cups made with sustainable, eco-friendly materials is a win-win in the bundle of housewarming return gift ideas as they are durable, authentic and useful for a long time. There are a lot of options for ceramic tea cups in designs and sizes for you to choose from according to the taste of your guests.

  • Dry Fruit Boxes – At Indian households, no occasion is complete without opening a box of dry fruits. You can use this trend for your party favours, as people are often diet conscious and won’t have the traditional sweets, dry fruits coated in fancy sauces & flavours is something they can enjoy any time. 
  • Hamper for the Kids – As a host, it is appreciated that you don’t miss out on greeting the young ones that attend your housewarming. Along with delicious food and entertainment, you can make them feel welcomed by a cute all-in-all hamper for the little ones. Include things like wooden toys, plantable pencils, colouring books and stamps that they can play with. 

With these eco-friendly products as housewarming return gifts for sustainable living, you can surprise your guests with a feeling of gratitude, and express your warmth & love as well.