Infineon & Hi-Lo Systems partner in Trusted Platform Module Security Chips

Infineon Technologies and Hi-Lo Systems announced their partnership in the area of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chips. Hi-Lo Systems has officially become an Associated Partner of Infineon in the Greater China market and will provide firmware update programming services for Infineon’s OPTIGA™ TPMs. This will help accelerate time-to-market for a wide range of device manufacturers.

Digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) have brought more intelligence and convenience to everyday life. At the same time, the information security requirements for devices have also increased. TPMs provide a secured platform for data and processes of embedded systems by creating and storing keys, and enabling the integrity of the device’s operating system and firmware. Infineon’s OPTIGA TPM series supports TCG TPM 1.2 and the latest 2.0 standards. It is the ideal choice for ICT, computer, server, and IoT security.

Device manufacturers very often need to decide how to cope with Operating System (OS) updates or the evolution of TPM versions. In order to make the best and most flexibly use of the chip inventories of different versions, device manufacturers also need to perform frequent firmware updates on the TPM. For them, performing firmware updates in their factories is an additional task that needs to be deployed. This is facilitated by the partnership between the two companies, in which Hi-Lo Systems provides industry-leading security programming technology to support the firmware updates for the full range of Infineon’s OPTIGA TPMs.

Hi-Lo Systems operates many locations around the world including more than 20 programming centers with encrypted programming zones that can help device manufacturers deploy TPM devices quickly and flexibly. This reduces the effort and cost of updating firmware, thereby accelerating the time-to-market and meeting the market’s demand for fast supply chains.

“The importance of Secure Elements has been recognized and emphasized by the brands in the ICT industry. The TPM is now gaining momentum beyond the PC market and finding its place in a number of emerging markets at the IoT edge,said Theodore Varelas, Director Product Marketing and Management IoT Security at Infineon.Compliant with Common Criteria EAL4+ certification, Infineon’s OPTIGA TPM series is easy to integrate and provides security solutions for many device manufacturers. Through our partnership with Hi-Lo Systems, we are very pleased to provide comprehensive and extensive customer support to accelerate TPM production and implementation.”

“Hi-Lo Systems has been in the IC programming industry for over 40 years and our technology has been recognized by leading international brands. Hi-Lo Systems has been working with Infineon for many years,” said Szu Po Huang, Vice President of Hi-Lo Systems. “We have provided firmware update and source code programming services for Infineon’s microcontrollers, including the AURIX™ and PSoC™ microcontrollers as well as the AIROC™ series for wireless connectivity. We are pleased to extend our partnership into the security chips area. We hope to establish a more complete encrypted production chain with Infineon, ensuring the highest level of production security for our customers and laying a solid foundation for IoT security.”

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