Industry’s first LPDDR Flash Memory to enable next-gen Automotive E/E Architectures

Infineon Technologies launched the industry’s first LPDDR Flash Memory to enable next-generation automotive E/E architectures. The Infineon SEMPER X1 LPDDR Flash offers safe, reliable and real-time code execution critical for automotive domain and zone controllers. The device delivers 8 times the performance of current NOR Flash memories and achieves 20 times faster random read transactions for real-time applications. This enables software-defined vehicles to deliver advanced features with enhanced safety and architectural flexibility.

More intelligence, connectivity and complexity, along with safety and dependability requirements propel next-generation vehicles to rely on state-of-the-art multi-core processors developed on advanced manufacturing processes. Higher density embedded non-volatile memories are no longer a viable cost option at these advanced nodes, and system architects need to consider using external NOR for code storage. However, these complex automotive real-time processors demand more performance than current memories available on the market. To meet this need, Infineon developed SEMPER X1 with an LPDDR4 interface operating at 3.2 GBytes/sec and a multi-bank architecture to meet the performance and density requirements of domain and zone controllers.

“With the drive towards semi-autonomous vehicles and more sophisticated engine control, real-time decisions are critical to the dependability and safety of the vehicle and driver,said Jim Handy, General Director of the semiconductor market research firm Objective Analysis. “Infineon’s LPDDR Flash memory should address these needs well in next-generation vehicles, providing real-time execute-in-place (XiP) memory and enabling it to scale independently of the processor. I applaud this new category of non-volatile memory and look forward to seeing the ecosystem develop in this space.”

“We are excited to launch SEMPER X1 LPDDR Flash and see a promising future for safe, reliable and real-time Flash for zone controllers,said Sandeep Krishnegowda, Vice President of Marketing and Applications, Flash Solutions, of Infineon. “As a market leader in NOR Flash automotive memories, we are excited to collaborate with industry partners to drive standardization of the memory and bring it to broader markets.”

About Infineon’s SEMPER X1 LPDDR Flash Memory

Infineon’s SEMPER X1 is the industry’s first LPDDR Flash memory. It is ideal for next-generation automotive domain and zone controllers running safety-critical, real-time applications. SEMPER X1 delivers up to 3.2 GBytes/sec throughput with its LPDDR interface enabling fast random read transactions for real-time code execution. With a multi-bank architecture, it supports over-the-air firmware updates with zero downtime. The device is ISO26262 ASIL-B compliant, offering advanced error correction and other safety features.


Infineon SEMPER X1 is sampling now with commercial availability in 2024. More information is available at