Power over Ethernet Injectors & Splitter – Transtector

Transtector released two new outdoor, IP67-rated Power over Ethernet injectors and a PoE-compatible splitter.

The new injectors add power to a PoE-capable device through its Ethernet data cable, eliminating the need to run a separate electrical cord to the device and to have to install a power outlet near it. The splitter enables removing power from a powered Ethernet cable and separating it into its own power cable, which is useful for non-PoE devices that require separate power and data inputs. This prevents having to install an outlet near the device and allows use of existing Ethernet and PoE infrastructure.

The outdoor 1 Gigabit Ethernet PoE injectors and PoE splitter are useful for any RJ-45 network device that supports PoE, including cameras, wireless access points, VoIP telephones, and building devices such as touch screens and card readers.

The POEOD1GAT-TT is a 30-watt, 54-volt, one-port, end-span PoE injector that supports 802.3at+ and 802.3af IEEE standards. The POEOD1GBT-TT PoE injector features 60-watt, 55-volt, one-port operation and complies with 802.3at+ and 802.3bt. The new POESOD1GBT-TT PoE splitter supports 60-watt, 12-volt, one-port operation and complies with 802.3at+ and 802.3bt.

The new injectors and splitter are housed in rugged metal enclosures and have an IP67 rating for outdoor and industrial use. They have removable grommets for sealing, which allow them to be used with existing pre-terminated cable. They can be mounted to a wall or flat surface. Other features include LED indicators, terminal power blocks and a grounding lug.

Our new, IP67-rated PoE injectors and splitter are proving to be especially useful for transportation and telco applications, with cameras and access points being the main areas of use. They are also very functional for smart office and residential use with a focus on lighting and security,” said Dan Rebeck, Product Line Manager.

Power over Ethernet Injectors & Splitter

Transtector’s new outdoor GbE Power over Ethernet Injectors & Splitter are in-stock and available for same-day shipment.