Workshop on Time Series Edge Data Analysis & Management for Embedded Systems

May 4th, 3.30pm (BST): Free  ITTIA DB evaluation license for every attendee

Direct Insight will host a live online workshop where attendees will learn how ITTIA’s high-performance, time-series oriented database engine can address the challenge of optimal acquisition, storage and analysis of data in embedded systems while providing additional security and safety.

Strong device, real-time data processing, and data management skills are required to build embedded systems that understand IoT Edge data. Mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) applications built with ECUs, MCUs and MPUs face many data management challenges, including limited memory, performance, scalability, and security. The right hardware, real-time operating system, data management platform software, and development skills empower manufacturers of mission-critical systems to design and build IoT devices to meet these challenges.

At 3:30 PM (British Summer Time) on Thursday May 4th leading experts from ITTIA and Direct Insight will deliver the free webinar ‘Time Series Edge Data Analysis and Management for Embedded Systems’. The 60-minute workshop will cover both processor-based embedded systems with Linux, and MCU-based systems running FreeRTOS or Azure RTOS. A free  ITTIA DB evaluation license will be given to every attendee.

Says David Pashley, Direct Insight’s MD:Come join our latest live workshop, where engineers and managers with a basic familiarity of fundamental database, and C or C++ programming languages can practice and learn how to make their next data-driven embedded IoT device. During ITTIA’s online workshop, attendees will rapidly learn how to build applications for embedded devices and accelerate device data monetization to extend applications for time series data handling and real-time data management. They will experience how their device application can accomplish low latency and high throughput and deliver on expectations for edge devices, so you can take on major IoT-related computing responsibilities.”

Embedded developers in many industries rely on ITTIA’s database software development kit (SDK) to develop reliable systems. The company’s platform-independent, secure database software for embedded and IoT MCUs, MPUs, and ECUs offers many benefits, including security, scalability, efficiency, excellent performance, and low total cost of ownership. ITTIA has recently signed an agreement with Direct Insight.

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