MIKROE mikroSDK 2.0 Click Board Drivers are supported in Simplicity Studio

Silicon Labs has become the first IC vendor to support mikroSDK 2.0 Click Board Drivers. This was achieved by adding a hardware drivers extension (plugin) into MIKROE’s Gecko SDK, which is now available within Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio IDE. This integration of MIKROE’s Click drivers makes it simple for embedded engineers using MIKROE’s peripheral Click boards to develop both the hardware and software for an embedded system based on Silicon Labs controllers.

Nebojsa Matic, CEO of MIKROE, said: “Many IC vendors now include the mikroBUS socket standard on their development boards. This enables developers to try out thousands of different peripheral Click boards, saving hardware cost and design time. Now, for the first time, a leading silicon supplier, Silicon Labs, after including the mikroBUS socket in their very popular Explorer Kits, has added hardware driver extension support for the mikroSDK 2.0 Click drivers into its IDE, Simplicity Studio GSDK. This will allow designers using Silicon Labs SoCs/MCUs to easily include Click board libraries into their code. This means that not only have engineers saved time and money by using the Click boards hardware, they have also seamlessly addressed the software task too. It’s a real validation of our approach.”

Anders Pettesson, Director of Mass Market Marketing at Silicon Labs added: “After partnering with MIKROE on Click board projects and seeing the possibilities of the ecosystem, we decided to bring that flexibility and ease of use to the Silicon Labs environment. By creating the mikroSDK 2.0 Click driver extension, we’ve now made it easy for embedded engineers to add thousands of peripherals to Silicon Labs software projects.”

Concluded Matic: We are pleased to see that following mikroBUS and the Click boards, now mikroSDK Click drivers are also being used by the embedded industry and our partners. This is a recognition of our dedication to standardization and time-saving, that engineers and developers can rely on.”