Amphenol RF expands its FAKRA Interconnect portfolio with a universal cap

Amphenol RF expands extensive line of FAKRA interconnect with a universal FAKRA cap. This cap effectively seals any open FAKRA plug to safeguard from temporary submergence or dust ingress. This mated pair supports IP-rated requirements, as well as complying with USCAR-18 standards. The rugged, impact-resistant body and housing make it ideal for circumstances where an exposed connector may be compromised.

The universal FAKRA cap mates to any existing exposed FAKRA plug that also complies with USCAR-18 standards. Once mated, this pair supports both IP67 and IP69K requirements. IP69K is the very highest IP rating that can be achieved. It indicates that a component is completely protected against dust ingress and close-range, high pressure and high-temperature spray.

The cap uses a sealed FAKRA jack housing and internal geometry structure and is available in the universal Z code. The Z code cap when mated with any other key code will maintain its ability to provide an IP67 and IP69K seal. It is designed with a brass body that utilizes high phosphorus electroless nickel plating. The waterproof seal is created by a silicone rubber gasket that ensures the mated pair is safe from temporary submergence in water which may be experienced by industrial equipment or antennas that exist in outside environments.