Semitech’s Reference Design Module certified by G3-Alliance

 Semitech Semiconductor SM2400 PLC+RF Reference Design Module has been certified by the G3-Alliance. The certification validates the performance of the platform and its conformance to G3-Alliance Hybrid specifications and assures interoperability when using Semitech’s solution in G3-Hybrid networks.

Semitech is a G3-Alliance member and was an active technology contributor to the new Hybrid standard. The G3-Alliance is a consortium created in 2011 to standardize and promote G3-Technologies globally. The G3-PLC Hybrid is the first industry hybrid standard offering extended capabilities, better coverage and improved reliability through one seamlessly managed network over both PLC and RF media. It offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for smart grid, smart city, industry and other IoT applications. 

Smart grid implementations require major investments – and ensuring that meters, data concentrators and other devices communicate reliably, meet performance levels and are interoperable with each other is critically important. “Hybrid PLC/RF networks deliver high reliability and scalability, while adding flexibility and increasing data capacity and speed,said Semitech CEO Zeev Collin. “Customers want to use certified platforms as a stamp of quality approval and to ensure interoperability with other products sharing the same networks. We are very proud of our contribution to the G3-Hybrid standard and of having a certified solution.”