NTE LDR Series of Photoresistors
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Introduction NTE LDR Series of Photoresistors

Light-dependent resistors (LDRs), also known as photoresistors, are a crucial part of the when considering light-sensitive systems. Long-distance relationships (LDRs) serve as the foundation for most light-sensitive devices, making them incredibly versatile. They find application in various devices, such as advanced light meters and any equipment that relies on light-sensitive switches.

Although there are so many options to consider when purchasing LDRs, NTE’s LDR Series of Photoresistors are one of the most trusted sellers due to their top quality of electronics. This article is all about the features, applications, and the reason why NTE’s LDR Series is the one to choose.

Photoresistors: What Are They?

Let’s have a brief understanding of what photoresistors are before diving into the specifics of NTE’s LDR.

Photoresistors are passive electronic components that change their resistance as a response to changing levels of light. Here’s why photoresistors exhibit a reduction in resistance with an increase in incoming light intensity since they are constructed of semiconducting materials.

As a result, photoresistors are utilized in a variety of light-sensitive applications, particularly those that call for the detection or measurement of light.

NTE LDR Series: Features and Specifications

NTE’s LDR Series of Photoresistors are designed in a way to be used in a range of light-sensing applications. Let’s examine the main characteristics of NTE LDR:

A Range of Resistance Values: The LDR Series provides a range of resistance values that help engineers to select the appropriate component as per their specific needs.

High Sensitivity: NTE’s photoresistors exhibit high sensitivity to changes in light levels. Therefore, they are suitable for applications that require accurate light detection.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: The photoresistors can operate effectively in any range of temperature, allowing an excellent performance in various environmental conditions.

Compact Size: The LDR Series of Photoresistors come in a compact form factor. Hence, they integrate into electronic circuits effortlessly.

RoHS Compliance: The NTE’s LDR Series sticks to RoHS standards and so, it reflects NTE’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

NTE’s LDR Series: Applications

The versatility of NTE’s LDR Series of Photoresistors make them compatible for a range of applications such as:

Automatic Lighting Control: LDRs are commonly used in streetlights, outdoor lightning systems, and indoor smart lighting systems. It’s because the brightness can be adjusted in LDRs, based on ambient light conditions.

Security Systems: NTE’s LDR are also the go-to component in security devices, including dusk-to-dawn lighting and motion-activated cameras.

Photography: In photography, LDRs play a crucial role of exposure control and light metering, ensuring accurate and well-exposed photographs.

Optical Switches: In applications such as laser printers and copiers, LDRs can be used as optical switches too.

Solar Panels: Lastly, LDRs are used in solar panels to track and optimize the angle of incidence of sunlight and make energy conversion more efficient.

How to Buy NTE’s LDR Series?

You can easily get NTE LDRs Series on popular online electronics distributor like TME. All you need to do is visit their websites, search for the specific NTE’s LDR product that you need, and place the order.

Here are the steps to buy the NTE LDR Series of Photoresistors from TME (Transfer Multisort Elektronik):

1. Visit TME’s official website: Go to the TME’s official website at www.tme.com.

2. New TME Account Creation or Sign in to your current account: If you don’t already have a TME account, you may quickly establish one by providing some information, such as your name, address, and a secure password. If not, sign in to your current TME account.

3. Enter the item name and click on it for more information: Enter the name or number of the particular product you want in the search field on the website. For instance, enter the specific NTE LDR Series name. Then, click on any product to see its details such as features and pricing.

4. Add the product to the shopping cart: Once you’ve finally found the product you want, add it to your shopping cart. But, check the product quality before finalizing.

5. However, submit your mailing address, credit card number, and other crucial information first. And Complete the payment process

6. Confirmation: You’ll receive an order confirmation from TME soon after the payment process.

And within these 6 steps, you’ll be done with your NTE’s LDR Series order.


NTE’s LDR Series of Photoresistors acts as the proof of the company’s dedication towards producing high-quality electronic components. These LDRs are important to applications in various industries due to their different resistance values, high sensitivity, and versatility. Hence, contributing to more efficient systems.

NTE’s LDR Series also meet all the ends for energy-efficient lighting systems, enhanced security measures, and creative photography. In addition, their reliable performance makes them an irresistible asset.