Auto ID Systems and WOW RFID Join Forces to Revolutionize RFID and IoT Solutions in India

Centena Group Company, Auto ID Systems, a dominant market leader in the issuance of secure ID cards in India for many years, has now ventured into the areas of IoT and RFID solutions. The company has signed an agreement with WOW RFID, an innovative technology leader in RFID and IoT solutions in the Middle East on the sidelines of the SmartTech Asia 2023, Bengaluru.

Under this agreement, Auto ID Systems will introduce for WOW RFID’s range of solutions in India and be responsible for marketing, sales, implementation, and support. WOW RFID’s offerings include its flagship product, the Bene Track and Trace Solutions, which leverages a combination of multiple IoT technologies, including UHF (Ultra High Frequency), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultra-Wideband (UWB), and IoT sensors.

“The RFID solution market in India is vast, and we see a significant gap in addressing the needs of our customers. Auto ID Systems’ solutions have been developed to cater to a wide array of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, warehousing, and retail. In addition to RFID, the company is introducing the latest technologies in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultra-Wideband (UWB), and multiple sensors. Unlike many players in India offering solutions based on traditional UHF technology and focusing on specific verticals, Auto ID Systems is bringing the latest IoT technologies like Angle of Arrival (AOA) in BLE and high-precision UWB to the forefront, with a broad focus on multiple sectors. Our global knowledge and expertise in RFID technologies, coupled with our extensive local presence across India, will undoubtedly provide our customers with the best solutions.” stated Sri Venkatesan, Director of Auto ID Systems

The partnership between Auto ID Systems and WOW RFID promises to revolutionize the landscape of IoT and RFID solutions in India. This collaboration aims to empower businesses across various sectors by providing innovative, efficient, and cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance visibility, traceability, and overall operational excellence. The rollout of 5G networks in India will further accelerate IoT implementations.