CUI Devices’s New Medical Buzzers compliant  with IEC 60601-1-8 Alarm Signal Requirements

CUI Devices’ Audio Group has introduced a brand-new series of medical buzzers that meet the alarm signal criteria outlined in IEC 60601-1-8. The CPIM family consists of piezo audio indicator buzzers designed to generate tones of varying priority levels, catering to both general medical needs and specialized applications like ventilators, oxygen, and cardiovascular equipment.

Medical Buzzers

These medical buzzers come equipped with integrated driving circuits and offer specifications including a 5 Vdc rated voltage, a sound pressure level of 90 dB at a distance of 10 cm, rated frequencies of 4,000 Hz, and operational temperature ranges spanning from -30 to 85°C. These models are encased in through-hole packages, measuring 44 mm in diameter with a slim 10.25 mm profile.

The CPIM medical buzzers are now readily available for purchase, with prices commencing at $11.73 per unit for quantities of 250 pieces through distribution channels. For OEM pricing inquiries, please get in touch with CUI Devices.

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