e-con Systems adds Two New US Patents to the Company’s Imaging Innovation Portfolio

e-con Systems announces the recent addition of two new US patents to their growing imaging innovation portfolio. Two of their dedicated engineers, Krithika Gurumurthy and Balasubramanium G, have received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

With these latest US patents, titled “System and Method for Obtaining Optimal Focus of an Image-Capturing Device” innovated by Krithika Gurumurthy, and “Wide-Angle Streaming Multi-Camera System” innovated by Balasubramanium G, the company now proudly holds a total of ten US patents, underscoring e-con’s commitment to advancing technology and innovation.

Patent 1 – System and Method for Obtaining Optimal Focus of an Image Capturing Device

This patent introduces a groundbreaking system and method for obtaining optimal focus of an image-capturing device. The innovation includes:

Optimal Focus across the Entire Frame: Ensuring that the entire frame is in optimal focus for various embedded vision applications.

Unique Reference Frames: Employing unique reference frames collected from the camera to obtain the best-focused image.Sound Notification: A remarkable feature of this system is the sound notification modules that notifies users when the focus range is achieved.

Patent 2 – Wide-angle streaming multi-camera system

This patent introduces a wide-angle streaming multi-camera system that significantly enhances the field of view. The innovation includes:
Extended Field of View: Providing a broader Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) of 180 degrees, as well as an extended Vertical Field of View (VFOV).
Reduction of Blind Spots: Multiple cameras are strategically positioned to reduce blind spots, and parallax errors, thereby achieving multi-camera streaming in closer working regions.
Vertical FoV Enhancement: To further expand the VFOV, all cameras are rotated 90 degrees around their optical axis, providing a wider view.

It is a game-changer for various applications such as sports broadcasting and analytics, surround-view monitoring systems, data processing using panoramic images, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), traffic management, and security and surveillance.

“At e-con Systems, innovation is at the core of our culture. We encourage and support our employees to push the boundaries of technology, fostering a workplace where creative thinking and forward-looking ideas flourish. These patents are a shining example of this commitment to innovation. We congratulate our talented inventors on this achievement.” Maharajan Veerabahu, Co-Founder at e-con Systems.

Here is the list of e-con Systems employees’ US patents:

System and method to configure an image-capturing device with a wireless network
System and method for integration of real-time data with image frame for image stabilization
Camera enclosure
System and method for assisting data transmission over virtual channels
Structure for a lens holder and a method thereof
Method for Securing the Electrical Contacts in a Connector System
System and method for camera serial interface lane implementation between camera sensor and host processor
System and method for implementation of region of interest-based streaming
Wide-Angle Streaming Multi-Camera System
System and method for obtaining optimal focus of an image-capturing device
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