Empowering a Sustainable and Connected Future: Littelfuse India’s Vision for 2024

In pursuit of our mission to empower a sustainable, connected, and safer world, Littelfuse India has undergone a journey marked by the successful acquisition of C&K Switches. This strategic move has expanded our portfolio beyond circuit protection, power semiconductors, and sensors, now encompassing a diverse array of switches and connectors, thereby redefining our role in the industry.

Guided by a corporate culture anchored in values of respect, customer focus, agility, and collaboration, we embark on the next five years with a commitment to innovation and excellence.

In anticipation of 2024, our focus aligns with India’s key economic drivers—Electric Vehicles (EV), Battery Management Systems (BMS), and Renewable Energy. Empowering smart buildings, our solutions encompass circuit protection, power semiconductors, and sensing products, elevating safety, reliability, and efficiency. In the realm of consumer electronics, our impact is foundational, providing essential components for circuit protection, power management, sensing, and connectivity. Our solutions enhance device safety and functionality, cementing a fundamental role in the evolving landscape.

Recent accolades, including the prestigious Best Circuit Protection Solutions Award at Electronica India 2023, underscore our dedication to industry leadership and product excellence. These recognitions not only celebrate our products but also honor the collective efforts of our exceptional team, whose commitment drives our success.

As we anticipate the exciting prospects on the horizon, we express our gratitude for the unwavering support from our stakeholders. Together, let us chart a course toward a future characterized by innovation, sustainability, and collaborative success.

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