element14 adds stock of Murata Power Solutions’ latest high-efficiency DC-DC converters

Power product customers get a powerful boost from element14 as new range of DC-DC converters arrive from Murata

Murata Power Solutions is known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of DC-DC converters as well as compact, high-efficiency power products designed to address power application requirements of all sizes.
The new products added to the range carried by element14 include the MGN1 series of DC-DC converters, which are designed for powering ‘high side’ and ‘low side’ gate drive circuits for GaN in bridge circuits. A choice of output voltages allows optimum drive levels for best system efficiency. The MGN1 series is characterised for high dv/dt requirements commonly seen in high switching speed GaN applications, with ultra low isolation capacitance and 250V reinforced insulation.

Similarly, the MGJ2B and MGJ1 SIP series of DC-DC converters are ideal for IGBT/SiC and MOSFET gate drives in bridge circuits, the MGJ1 SIP also supports GaN voltages of +12V, +8V & +6V/-3V. Both series are characterised for high isolation, continuous non safety rating 2.4kV, UL62368 reinforced insulation 300Vrms. and dv/dt requirements commonly seen in bridge circuits used in motor drives and inverters CMTI >200kV/µs.

Also from Murata, the NME1, NMR1 and NMV1 are cost-effective 1W 5V to 5V isolated DC-DC converters that boast an extended operating temperature range that guarantees startup from–40°C up to 115°C. The series’ galvanic isolation is well-suited to isolating and/or converting DC power rails, enabling the device to be configured to provide an isolated negative rail in systems where only positive rails exist.

element14 Product Segment Leader for Murata Power products, Stephen Marsh, said, “We are delighted to significantly expand our range of Murata Power products and make them available for rapid delivery to our customers. Their pedigree as a global leader of breakthrough, high-efficiency power processing and power management products not only accelerates the development of exciting new applications but contributes toward greater energy conservation throughout society irrespective of their ultimate application because of their energy efficiency.”

Ann-Marie Bayliss, Murata Product Manager, added, “element14 has been a stalwart partner for many years and this substantial addition of Murata Power products to their range is ample evidence of not only their ongoing support, but their dedication to power management applications that will make the best use of power resources well into the future.

“Our customers know that both companies are totally dedicated to providing the very best in ongoing service and customer care, which is a significant benefit in a fast-moving migration to more energy efficient applications worldwide.”

The new range of Murata Power Products are available from Farnell in EMEA, element14 in APAC and Newark in North America.