element14 emphasises precision with Analog Devices signal chains

Industrial automation, energy monitoring and test and measurement sectors all to benefit from extreme accuracy

element14 has announced that it has added the full range of precision signal chains from Analog Devices, inc. (ADI), to help users create the optimum end-solution for multiple applications. From sensors to bits, customers can find and tailor solutions that are optimised for demanding applications. The signal chains are available to order directly from the element14 website.

Jose Lok, Product Category Director, Semiconductors from , element14, said, “, element14 is positioned to enable developers to integrate ADI technology into their designs, which greatly accelerates time to market. Development engineers can use ADI’s high-precision signal chains to optimise their solutions for demanding electrification, automotive, digital health, instrumentation, smart industry, energy and sustainability applications.”

Precision signal chains now available from element14 include:

  1. Precision Current Sensing: These signal chains can be used to tackle challenging current measurement tasks in applications.
  2. Precision High Voltage: ADI’s precision high voltage signal chains combine precision high voltage amplifiers, high voltage digital-to-analogue converters (DACs), difference amplifiers and matched resistor networks.
  3. Isolated Gate Drive and Sense: These sense signal chains combine robust switch control and scalable multichannel monitoring into a flexible solution covering a range of AC/DC and DC/AC applications.
  4. Precision Low Power: ADI’s precision low power signal chains are designed and optimised for small-size battery-powered or power sensitive applications.
  5. Precision Narrow Bandwidth: ADI offers precision narrow bandwidth signal chains that focus on optimising the performance of systems where the signals of interest are in the range of DC to approximately 10 kHz.
  6. Precision Medium Bandwidth: Precision medium bandwidth signal chains cover a large range of applications that demand accuracy across signal bandwidths from DC to 500 kHz, with sampling rates up to 4 MSPS.
  7. Precision Wide Bandwidth: The precision wide bandwidth signal chains bring the insight and flexibility needed to optimise application specific parameters for measurement and drive solutions.

Sabine Colen, Director, Global ecommerce Channel from Analog Devices adds, “The benefits from ADI’s precision technology signal chains stem from the fact that these signal chains come complete with customisable solutions, purpose-developed knowledge bases that have been developed from more than 50 years of experience and expertise.”

Precision technology signal chains are now available from Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in APAC.